The Story of Bear Blend

Bear Blend was created by Anthony Singing Bear a musician with Native American roots. Bear, as everyone calls him, was living on an organic farm in Meigs County, Ohio in 2000. He and his brother started a farm to grow organic vegetables and soon realized that they had moved into a neighborhood of very knowledgeable herbalists. After studying wild herbs, flowers and traditional Native American lore for several years, Anthony began studying different smoking herbs harvested from his land.

Bear realized that many traditional smoking blends were actually blends of several different herbs. In fact, even the word tobacco originally from the word “tabaq” referred a variety of herbs that were smoked in traditional Turkish smoking houses. Only a couple hundred years ago many different cultures smoked blends of several different herbs.

After smoking the blend himself for more than 5 years, Anthony had a spiritual awakening during a traditional Peruvian pipe smoking ceremony that made him realize the importance of smoking as a ritual. It was believed that the smoke from the herbs would combine with prayers inside of the lungs and carry those prayers to the Sky Father. He became convinced it was his mission to package this smoking blend and begin to educate others about the history and ceremony of smoking.

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