Amazon Wisp Pods – 6 Pack

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Contains 6 Pods

The Amazon blend is activating and flavorful with a hint of clove. It inspires alert relaxation and balancing. medium effect

Bear Blend Wisp pods are made from the finest organic ingredients; 100% USDA certified organic, biodynamic and fair trade. Bear Blend herbal products are carefully hand-crafted in small batches in our USDA certified organic southern Oregon facility.

Bear Blend Wisp pods are 100% recyclable.  

Exclusively for the Wisp Vaporizer.


Amazon Blend Ingredients:  Red Raspberry, Mullein, Mugwort, Lavender Flowers, Calamus, Passion Flower, Lobelia, Calendula Flowers, Clove and Fair Trade Vanilla Bean.

Bear Blend is carefully hand-crafted in small batches from the finest available organic herbs. As we take a moment to enjoy these herbs, let us remember to respect the ancient tradition of ceremony and ritual. Celebrate wisely.




Simply insert our prepackaged pods


A quality vapor experience every time


A quality vapor experience every time

Comfortably enjoy a convenient and efficient vapor like never before.

When you don’t have time for complicated or time-consuming preparations, the Wisp makes herbal vaporizing easier than ever:

1. Peel Your Wisp Pod

Our single-use Wisp pods are pre-filled by authorized partners with only the highest quality, lab-tested herbs.

2. Place your Wisp Pod in the Wisp Vapor Bottle

Secure placement of the pod ensures a quality vapor.

3. Place the Wisp Vapor Bottle into the Wisp Base and press the cloud to begin!

The simple, one-touch interface seamlessly guides you through the vaporization process.

The patented design of Wisp pods combined with the advanced Wisp vaporizer produce a vapor experience like no other. Our microprocessor ensures optimal performance and enhanced vapor experience, including temperature, speed, time and air pressure. For added convenience, the Wisp features a hygienic sleeve and a one-way valve that are detachable for easy cleaning.

Please note: The Wisp will first be available in select USA states and Canada

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The Moon Lodge blend is really well made and puts me right to sleep



I thought this seemed a bit expensive at first, but I didn't realise how huge these tins are. This tin is massive and completely packed. I really have to complement the design of the container. Airtight, metal, and attractive looking. The herbs smell very nice. Immediately I noticed hints of Gotu kola and others familiar to me. The blend consistency would indeed burn well, though it's a bit fluffy for rolling imo. It's certainly possible. I take Gotu Kola as a tea so I probably won't burn this one, but the kin nik nik I certainly will. It's based on a native American smoking mixture called kinnick kinnick. Bear berry, white sage, and willow bark being a common mix. Bear blends continues to impress and their customer relations are just wonderful. A+



Holy cow. I was a bit sceptical, but forget nicotine, this stuff is waaaay better. Immediate relaxation effects. Great flavor and even good vape clouds. 12/10, these guys knocked it out the park.



Just tried the OG...Literally never more relaxed.



I used to smoke weed every day and ever since my friend bought me the Vizion blend I no longer find it necessary to keep up my weed habit. Great product! I feel calm and relaxed after smoking also helps with my anxiety! I'm ready to try a new blend!!



I have anxiety and was having severe attacks throughout last week, so a couple days ago my bear blend finally came. I tried smoking it, and i could feel it almost straight away. I suddenly felt extremely calm and centered in my body and mind, and later that night i could really feel it in my eyes and it really helped me sleep. The rest of that day, plus the next, i didn't have a single attack and felt really centered. Amazing product, nothing i have tried has ever worked this good!

David K


I have recently quit smoking marijuana and was looking for something to take the edge off and to prevent relapse. My first purchase was Vizion, and the effects are relaxing yet energizing. I still have clarity of thought with no fogginess. Bear blends is a great alternative to marijuana or cigarettes.



Someone who has never smoked a cigarette and hasn't smoked weed for close to ten years, after receiving my Dream Lodge my 1st impression was after smoking it through a pipe was it definitely relaxed my body. No big deal. Now after five days of smoking a pipe late at night I look forward to crashing out and enjoying my dreams as I remember them better now. I'm keen to try some of the other blends.

Peter Dimech


Ah nothing but NICE! and Chill'in - Buying more that is for sure!



Ordered dream lodge last week and it arrived on time. The herbs work for relaxing the mind and eases the mood as it prepared my body for sleep. I was able to shut down but I had to cut down on the dose. I have vaped Dream Lodge as well as made a tea and with moderation these two methods worked for me and I am a Medical Marijuana consumer as this has helped me with PTSD and the night terrors that come with PTSD. I now can cut back on my cannabis and medicate with Dream Lodge to make my meds stretch even further. I will purchase this again.

Shawn Mullins


Looking for a cannabis replacement for sleep, try dream lodge. vaporized less than .2g and feel more relaxed than an indica would. Thank you very much Bear Blend.

Jonathan Giesen


Tried for first time at a friends house. I was focused and enrgized the reat of the day. Now im here buying some immediately..!lol Definitely worth it.!



10//10 reccommend. A friend gave me these for my birthday and I had to buy more.

Dawn Sterling


These blends are amazing. Thank you!

Jared Epstein


Awesome Product can't wait to receive mines :) I ordered Dream Lodge & Vision.



A friend let me try a Dream Lodge rollie and that night I felt so relaxed and I slept so good I just knew I had to get my own. Also my dreams were very lucid. I'm grateful to this company for coming up with such a wonderful blend.



The Dream lodge works amazing on calming me and getting me to sleep.



This is an amazing product, Bear Blend you are incredible!



Had it at friends place and was just the best additive for a joint.

Tizian Herzberger


Tried it with a friend and now I’m a customer!! Great for trying to break a tobacco habit.

James Tents


Bear blend is awesome!!

Nicolas Fernandez


I ordered the OG, the Mintz and the Dream Lodge blends about 2 months ago as i just bought a dry herb vaporizer and was desperately looking for something to help me quit smoking after nicotine supplements just didnt do it. I was honestly very surprised, they all smell absolutely amazing and they taste even better! The original and Mintz really take the edge right off when i get the craving for a cigarette or coffee, and the Mintz really help with my irritable bowel. As for the Dream Lodge it's really been a saving grace as i've been suffering nightmares every night for a few months due to stress and anxiety, it really helped me with falling asleep more quickly, sleep more sound and dream more lucid.

I can honestly say these products have been the best buys of 2018, they're really an essential addition to my everyday life, worth every penny! I'll definitely be a returning customer for the Liquid Herbz when I buy my regular vaporizer to completely quit smoking :)

Many thanks from the Netherlands!

Olivier Poriau


I don't smoke cigs or pot so this is a relaxing way to smoke for myself. I do to a lot of concerts and It a nice non-mood altering smoke. Thank you Bear Blend!

Bear Blend Fan


Love it so much!!! They are great goes great with wine! I'll be a customer for life. Thanks so much bear blend!!!!

Bear blend fan


I am not a smoker, but was looking for something natural to help take the edge off of my stressful work week and relax at the end of day or on a weekend. I bought a pipe and tried the Bear Blend; it has become a wonderful tradition to enjoy with my brother as a tea when the kids are awake or in our pipes after they've gone to bed. The product is super fresh and has a captivating aroma that even sparked my wife's attention, so now we're looking to try a blend with a little more potency like the Dream Lodge for me and The Moon Lodge for my Honey. I first tried making my own organic blends but this just seems to smoke so much longer and smoother than what I've been able to concoct on my own. Ordering from the website is a great experience, but I keep asking local vendors if they'd be willing to stock this fantastic product.

Giuseppe Rosado


I ordered the one of the blends from Europe and 2 weeks later I received the package! I use the blend instead of tobacco, it is much smoother and the calming effect is superior.
Note: In my experience smoking it from a pipe gives better results



I love Bear Blend!! My favorite is Amazon, the clove in it adds a really nice flavor and scent. Dream Lodge and Vision are close runner ups. The fluffiness of them makes them super easy to roll and they're great to mix with tobacco as way to smoke less. They also make a great tobacco replacement! :)



Received my product a couple of days ago right on time. Smells awesome and very fluffy. Great smooth inhale very good product over all thank you Bear Blend..

Jose Perez


So I tried the dream lodge, and I was completely satisfied with my purchase. This product smokes great, taste great, and smells great. The product has slight to modest effects of relaxation, vivid dreams, slight buzz, and a general feeling of well being. It is a great substitute for tobbacco, and a quit smoking aid. I have already ordered vizion next, and am anxious to try it!

Wayne Schaffer


I recently bought the of blend and it's great! It's legal in my trade program and I've been selling pre-rolls for a dollar. They're really good herbs and I hope you enjoy them!



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  • Do Not Operate Heavy Machinery
  • May Cause Allergic Reactions
  • Do Not Use During Pregnancy

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