Hemp Gift Box


Get your hemp gift box from Bear Blend!

Your wrapped, personal gift box includes:

  • An eighth of CBD heavy Bear Nugz
  • A pack of Shaman CBD Rolliez
  • Your choice of Healing Sacraments Hemp Tincture: Clearly CBD or Original Bold Brewed
  • Your choice of the original seven Ceremonial Blend: Amazon, Dream Lodge, Kin Nik Nik, Mintz, Moon, OG, or Vizion.



This gift box includes:

3.5 Grams of Premium Hemp Nugz – This Berry Blossom Full Spectrum hemp flower is terpene rich with high CBD content. With 0.3% THC, these fragrant buds are covered in trichomes. The mix of purple, blue, and light green buds will leave you enjoying every bit. These hemp flower buds come straight from a farm in Southern Oregon, have been thoroughly tested, and are 100% legal in the US.  The certificate analysis for Abacus II hemp flower can be viewed here.

Healing Sacraments CBD Tincture – Your choice of two offerings. Clearly CBD, the Utilitarian Isolate, is an all purpose remedy. Every kitchen and bathroom should have one. No need for dozens of different types of CBD products, this one is universal. The Original Bold Brew full spectrum has less then 0.3% THC. For your best symptom management results or enjoy as a super food! Keeping a steady level of CBD’s in your system is beneficial to your overall well being in many ways.

Shaman Rolliez – This aromatic Ceremonial Herbal Blend is specially blended for healing and ceremony, this magical hand-crafted blend pays homage to the medicine men and women around the world. Hand made using Raw Paper cones, our hemp CBD prerolls are the best that you will find.

Ceremonial Herbal Blend of your choice- loose blends great for creating your own CBD herbal blend. Please see here for a better understanding of Bear Blend and our blends.

Smoking is an ancient tradition. Native peoples of the world smoked blends of herbs as a ceremonial sacrament. As you enjoy this gentle and fragrant smoke, take a moment from your busy day and acknowledge your connection to the creator, to this beautiful earth and to your own breath.

All Healing Sacraments Products have been blessed with song and prayer to bring it to you as Healing Sacrament. Use 10+ drops for massage oil in pain zones. PEACE Sign = No GMO, Gluten Free, Pesticide Free, Vegan, and Fair Trade, AKA Earth and Human Friendly.


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RYO Blend

Amazon, Dream Lodge, KinNikNik, Mintz, Moon, OG, Vizion


Clearly CBD, Original Bold Blend


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