Grow Your Business with Bear Blend Herbal Products

Developing new profit opportunities to grow your business is always at the forefront of every entrepreneur’s thoughts, especially in inflationary times. This sad reality is particularly true for small businesses like smokeshops and cannabis dispensaries as they watch their margins shrink in an ever more competitive marketplace.

Fortunately, there is a high-quality solution from a well-respected brand that can boost sales and profit by offering a unique, albeit ancient, product concept that marries well with your current merchandising and customer base.

We speak of Bear Blends’ line of smokable herbs, chemical and nicotine-free herbal cigarettes, and some fantastic tinctures and CBD products, which are but a glimpse into the potential for new customers and profit.

Give Your Customers What They Want

It likely comes as no surprise that a significant cohort of your existing clientele and potential customers are seeking alternatives to tobacco and cannabis that allow them to enjoy smoking when out on the town. Another sizable group is looking for a way to reduce or even eliminate the usage of tobacco and cannabis.

Bear Blend herbal products offer high-quality herbs specifically processed for optimal smoking in various forms. All Bear Blend smokable herbs will blend perfectly with either tobacco or cannabis to create a spliff (a combination of herbs and either tobacco or cannabis) with the user’s preference of herb and percentage.

Since there is a sizable audience for this type of product among your current clientele, why let them search elsewhere for their solution?

They are in your store already; providing them with the choices and information they seek is only good business and helps you retain a valued client.

Why Bear Blend?

Bear Blend products are all 100% certified organic. They are collaborating with a select group of organic farmers certified by the Oregon Tilth Certified Organic, an organization working for over 40 years to make food and agriculture biologically sound and socially equitable.

These interactions help Bear Blend improve the sustainability and quality of farming and continuously upgrade their proprietary practices.

Years of experience, scientific analysis of data, and good old trial and error all play a role in developing Bear Blend highly specialized process of preparing herbs for optimal quality and smoking. We don’t merely grind up a bunch of dry herbs; every detail of the plant and the method are diligently noted and captured in the final product that you sell.

You and your customers can rest assured that every package of herbal cigarettes, tin of smokable herbs, tincture, or any other herbal product you might choose from the Bear Blend lineup is of the highest quality and 100% organic – guaranteed.

Explore Our Brand

Anthony Bear and his team of herbalists invite you to explore their website, browse through the product lines, and check our FAQs for more information, including those under the heading of “Wholesale Questions,” for further insight into the various avenues to become a Bear Blend reseller or distributor.

Please explore the entire line of products to gain additional insight into which might be the best fit for your customers and store. Our nicotine and chemical-free herbal cigarettes are extremely popular in a wide range of outlets. Herbal chew and individual loose, smokable herbs are two more popular selections.

Join Our Family

We make it easy for you to start with a simple online form to introduce yourself and get the ball rolling toward new and additional profits.

Also, you can contact us at [email protected] to request further information or ask any questions you may have about our products, process, or wholesale arrangements.


Smokable herbs, herbal cigarettes, and other offerings from Bear Blend are more popular today than ever. People are looking for a way to enjoy the act of smoking without the hassle or sideways glances. Others wish to reduce or eliminate their usage of tobacco or cannabis, and Bear Blend herbal products are an ideal solution for these individuals.

If you are not already offering your current customers this alternative, they are likely seeking that information and merchandise elsewhere – not in your store. Bear Blend can help change that with one of the most highly regarded and consistently high-quality herbal product lines you will find anywhere.

Don’t wait any longer; join us today and start Celebrating Life through Ritual.


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