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These herbal blends will come in handy, in case of a horrible anxiety, a horrible depression, a horrible mood, a horrible focus, a horrible social life, and a horrible sleep.



helps with my anxiety and makes me super relaxed



The Vizion blend is terrific. It smells amazing and makes a pleasant smoke. When I smoke it I feel energized and chilled out at the same time. The herbs are so fluffy. Love this product!



Awesome minty freshness! Highly recommended



Okay, so I don’t ever leave reviews but this is well worth it.

This review is for the loose blend (ceremonial blend) Vizion. First off, let me just say that this blend is SO FLUFFY. Omg. I was honestly in love at first sight, hadn’t even tried it yet. The smell is another plus.

I actually received my package unexpectedly on a Sunday and I’m not complaining about that one bit. It came quicker than expected as well.

This blend vapes extremely well. The taste is pretty amazing too. Super smooth and again, the scent is super captivating.

I just ordered the trifecta (Dream Lodge, Amazon and Kin Nik Nik) and will be leaving another review once I get them. I also ordered the Dream lodge (coconut), moon and vizion all in an e-liquid to use in my second liquid vape.

For anyone on the fence about this product, I say go for it. It’s a great and healthier alternative to meds. For a person like me who’s trying to migrate from meds to holistic/herbal medicine, this is a dream come true.

I’ve been recommending this product to everyone I know! Thank you Bear Blend!



My fiance and I really enjoy the ceremonial blends. We were both able to quit cigarettes a couple of years ago thanks to them.



I cannot recommend this product enough I think is truly essential if you love to vape. It’s a blend that brings me plenty of inspiration as a writer. Saint it is 100% organic I find it easy to blend CBD oil, cannabis oil and other herbs to enhance. Generous size bottle for a great price.



My fiance and I have always loved the ceremonial blends. We both used them to quit cigarettes a couple of years ago. And we still enjoy them to this day.

Kayla Reisser


Great product, i use this as a great alternative for tobacco if you want to enjoy something once in a while without nicotine



Definitely enjoying this product. Wonderful way for me to relax after work. I’ve tried the Rollie’s and vape and both are nice!!!

Rasheen Thomas


This product is amazing. It had a great inhale and it left me feeling os relaxed.



I’ve had both the Original and Mintz
Rolliez and I’ve loved both of them. They’re so calming and nice to smoke.



My friend let me take some dream lodge home and I have been sleeping like a baby ever since. I’m going to buy some of my own right now!



Sick stuff



This is a wonderful product, really helps tremendously with my anxiety. Looking forward to trying the other blends. Thanks Bear Blend for a Superior Product!!



Ordered and tried the next week, very relaxing and enjoyable. Started with the Original but will be buying more of this and trying others. Have already recommended to several friends.



Bought the Dream Lodge and a Wisp, just received and it was well packaged. the product is excellent. A small warning and no issue with Bear Blends. the customs clearance charge by UPS was ridiculous, $98.00.

Doug Cornell


I tried this blend about a year ago and absolutely fell in love with it. It is a beautiful holistic alternative to smoking tobacco.

Krista Koyste


My order of loose Amazon arrived this morning, and after a very long work week I was happy to relax with my first experience of Bear Blend.

I am new to smoking, but find this blend to be very smooth and pleasant – a light yet robust mouthfeel and a scent that somehow reminds me of the house I grew up in.

The headache I had started with was eased and removed, and my mind was also calmed.

I’m happy to have found an herbal mixture that is organic and beneficial to health. I will be recommending Bear Blend to anyone I can.

Thank you!



Purchased Dream Lodge & it’s very relaxing. Dream Lodge does provide you with a night of comfort.

Jasmine Salmon


Well I purchased the Dream Lodge and it is really relaxing and gives you a full night sleep with comfort. I do have some vivid dreams. And the next morning I feel awesome. And very well reconnected with life. Highly recommended. I will be buying more often. You get a lot for the price. Well worth it. Hats off to bear blend !!!!?

Frank J casper


First off I would like to say these guys at bear blends are very genuine down to earth people that are serious about providing great customer service. I bought vizion and dream lodge I smoked it using a cigarillo and joint paper. I personally think this product is great for being a tobacco substitute. If you’re wanting a nice strong buzz you’ll be slightly dissappointed. Dream lodge according to the review on YouTube was suppose to be the most potent product they had to offer I smoked 3 cigarillos back to back to back and only have a slight buzz. Everyone is different though it might affect you differently.

Willie Boone


Great product, taste and smells like love 🙂 looking for one that will be stronger for my next purchase!



Stuff is sooo good!



Tried bear blend with a friend and am now so excited to try the e-liquids as well as getting my own blend mixture’s!

Max Parker


Great product. Highly recommended for relaxing the mind and body in a natural way! Also very tasty.

Leon Zallqi


Great product. Highly recommended for relaxing the mind and body in a natural way! Also very tasty.

Leon Zallqi


My friend shared on of his Rolliez with me and it was the best thing ever! I cannot wait till my order comes in



My friend shared on of his Rolliez with me and it was the best thing ever! I cannot wait till my order comes in



Okay Bear Blend, what the heck?

My email shows a receipt from you for my Blend Trifecta being received at 12:45pm. Then I received a confirmation email of the order shipping at 1:02 pm!

Who ships a product in 17 minutes from when the order is placed?

You all are crazy awesome! Thank you for your dedication to your craft!! I am so impressed!!



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