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My cousin gave me a Rolliez and It was so smooth an it kept me relaxed and mellow for at least 30 mins. It was nice. Definitely going to buy some now

Finn Yuong


I really like the flavor of this blend. I mix it with a little organic tobacco for a very nice smoke.



I decided to give this a product a try as a alternative for prescription medications and I wasn’t disappointed. The relaxing feeling I get isn’t overwhelming and my mood mellowed out within 15min. I will be buying more in the future.

Cordera Bixby


I decided to give this a product a try as a alternative for prescription medications and I wasn’t disappointed. The relaxing feeling I get isn’t overwhelming and my mood mellowed out within 15min. I will be buying more in the future.

Cordera Bixby


I had a friend who had me try the Dream lodge liquid Herbz and I loved it. It was smooth, good vape, it has alot of my favorite herbs in it. Nice mild sweet flavor. Vaping is a stress reliever for me and knowing this is 100%VG is awesome loved it glad she had me try it.

Melissa Rodriguez


Dream lodge is amazing



Amazing flavour



im so excited to try bear blends , it has not yet reached me yet, but i had to say they have excellent customer service , ive been back and forth on emails with them, trying to figure out the best way to send my blends to the UAE , and they have been very help full , i am definitely going to re order from them



I tired the dream lodge. It was very fluffy and not all dried out like other products ive tired. Ive been trying to quit something else and it helps. Im goin g to try more soon. Did not have much affect on me like people said it does. But it is a good smoke.



Amazon Is a great blend. If you are feeling stressed out or anxious take a few puffs of this and you’ll begin to notice how calm you’ve become and suddenly everything is ok. I plan on trying other blends very soon!



I must say that I’ve tried CBD in the past and it has never given me the relaxing (non-high) feeling that Bear Blend has done for me.

I’ve tried the Amazon Liquid Herbs from a local shop. Prior to visiting the shop, I NEVER HEARD of Bear Blend.

I’m excited to have found this as a better alternative to smoking other products.

Julius Rainey


I purchased the Mintz herbal blend. I didn’t habe any expectations in my mind for this product. I’d tried other companies that sell similar herbal blends, but none of them worked, I just got a stinky room and a headache. That is not the case with this Bear Blend! I got the tin, which is much larger than the other guys and at the same price. The tin has a use by date, the lid was sealed, the ingredients are posted on the back, and all of their well earned USDA and Free Trade badging. Once I opened the tin the smell was amazing! You instantly smell the peppermint with a hint of tea. I chose to smoke this blend, I used a basic pipe and the draw was smooth, the flavour was amazing with a burst of mint! The smoke wasn’t harsh, I just got a little dryness in my mouth from the mint. For me it took about 5 minutes for any effect to kick in, but when it did I was impressed. I felt a sense of calm and stress free, my mood changed to that of a relaxed state, and I just felt like walking around the yard.

This product is amazing. I’ve had a few smoke sessions with it, and I will continue with this product. I believe the next time I order from Near Blend (which is my new exclusive source for herbal smoke) I will drop down the funds to get the bundle pack that comes with every blend they offer. Well worth the price! Top quality blends! These people truly know what they are doing, and I hope they never stop.

Gene Patton


I ordered the tin of Vizion and a tin of Dream Lodge Rolliez. I absolutely love them both but I think I may stick with the loose herbs so I can roll my own. I have already finished the dream lodge but I have been using the tin of Vizion and I’m amazed of how it tastes so awesome and looks really fluffy. The feeling relaxes me like taking a muscle relaxer. It’s puts me to sleep every night. Definitely earned my business and will be a long time customer. Will get the trifecta next time. Will get dream lodge, Vizion and want to try kin nik nik.

Ben M.


I am a first time customer that was looking to extend the life of my marijuana and also find better alternatives to smoking cigarettes….this stuff is something ELSE. A GREAT FIND.

I ordered the Bear Blend Trifecta, and have tried Vizion and Moon so far.

Vizion: I smoked this in my bubbler. It is an incredibly chill day smoke and the effects were more noticeable to me than Moon.

Moon: I rolled a joint and smoked this. A very calming blend, that makes you feel relaxed and a bit uplifted. A day smoke for me. Very nice.

Things I noticed:
– Once you light this stuff, it burns all the way through.
– It can be difficult to roll a joint in a way where this stuff burns evenly.
– Effects peak about 10 or so minutes after smoking and last about an hour and a half for me. However, the feeling of relaxation lingers for much longer.

A fantastic product I would recommend to cig smokers, weed smokers and non-smokers alike. So glad I found Bear Blend!



Although the mail carrier made a disaster of mine I did have some of a neighbor’s before moving, the dream one and it was great very helpful with never being truly relaxed and with the insomnoa, that’s why I ordered my own but wanted to start mild and work my way up every couple weeks with a new one. .

Mary Arledge


GREAT PRODUCT for those addicted to smoking but allergic to added sugar etc.

Brianna Gentile


great for people addicted to smoking but cannot have added sugar, tobacco, or nicotine.

Brianna Gentile


this blend gave me lucid dreams

Machie Tabaru


Ordered the “amazon” eliquid, as well as the “dream lodge” rollies. Really enjoy the relaxing feelings that it provides. I’ve notice more vivid dreams as well, and an overall glow that stays a while after using. I’m a long term buyer for sure, thank you guys. STAY BLENDED!!!

Shaq Smith


loved the dream lodge, herbs in it can help you reach lucid dreaming



I just want to say Thank-you for the superb customer care! I got my order today after just ordering on Friday, It’s Monday. Wow was that fast. I have not tried this yet but from the looks of the tins it seems to be of quality. You have impressed me with the over the top customer care, fast shipping, free shipping and have pretty much got a new customer for life! Keep up the great work at Bear Blends. It’s people like you who truly appreciate it’s customers and it shows in all aspects of BEAR BLENDS!

Marc A Brewster


I vape vision in a davinci iq and the taste is amazing. I vaped it from 360 – 390 and it produces a good focused effect. Also mix it with some cannabis and you are in for a floaty head type of high.



I ordered a tin of dream lodge rolliez, liked the affect and was not expecting to get that good of an affect off of it, trying the liquid vape juice next



I ordered the “Flower of Life” and am thrilled with the product. Shipping was excellent. Yes I tried all and can honestly say ALL are my favorites. Each blend has a unique fragrance and offers different levels of relaxation. Thank you Bear Blend..I and my friends and family will be life long customers!



Love it’s very relaxing and smokes really well I’ve had the most incredible Dreams I’ve ever had from taking this before bedtime…
I will be a monthly buyer (since a whole tin last me about that long)

David Banaszek


I don’t like to smoke weed because it gives me anxiety, but this was so soothing and relaxing. It gives me something to puff on while my boyfriend smokes a joint. It tastes nice af and i had a MINT sleep after!!!



So to begin, I am a real hard working person going through the grind of western society like a lot of people. I want to say excellent shipment time even a day early!!! Now for the big points what does it do and is it worth it?
-What it does for me. I work 2 jobs one being working as a assembler 8hrs a day on my feet lifting metal and other stuff etc. This blend relaxes me like a similar effect as MJ (Mary jane) a great body/ stress relief and non psycho active so you can still remain productive through out your day! It helps greatly with soreness and even (for me) gives me a blast to my pineal gland during meditation of serotonin and puts me in the flow.
-For the dreams. The first time I used this I did not meditate, smoke cannabis, or consume alcohol before use. What a wild lucid ride it was! I dreamt a dream within a dream and was aware I was dreaming in all the levels. I dreamt that I was laying on my couch with sleep paralysis dreaming but looking at myself on the couch within the dream aware I was on the third level and I took this for the parabol(a) that it was. I never had any expectations when I tried this no mental build ups just pure embrace of whatever would come and I would flow with it not making it anything that it was not. All in all this is great for anyone looking for non cannabis or tobacco products or even mix it in with them. This can be for anyone and everyone what these wonderful plants do has no prejudice or judgement and you won’t get popped in a drug test I am more than impressed and recommend it to everyone. I hope this review was helpful and feel free to ask me anything more about it as I would love to help in any way possible. Also I consumed this product by smoking it in a wood pipe.

Tieryn Ruhl


Amazing customer service! My apartment has had some issues with USPS so I called Jared and he made sure that my package was delivered to a better address. I ordered dream lodge – it smells and tastes amazing and has very relaxing effects.
Thank you, Bear Blend! I will definitely be ordering from you guys again soon.

Amanda Burgess


Great product, shipping has definitely been great since the second order.No issues with rolling it to smoke or the consistency of the product quality.Great alternative to prohibited herbals or of trying to quit cigarettes.Will continue to do business with this brand.

M Lomax


Got the chance to try Dream Lodge and Moon recently. I’d recommend it to just about anyone. I usually use them right before meditation.



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