Dream Lodge Liquid Herbz (Coconut)

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Coconut Flavored Liquid Herbz

Our most potent blend, the Dream Lodge is a place where people retreat to have visions and commune with their inner spirit. Several herbs in this blend are know to help relax the body and the mind, allowing the spirit to speak. Please use this blend cautiously. Strong Effect

Active Herbs:  Valerian, Hops, Wormwood, Tarragon.    See all ingredients.

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100% USDA Certified Organic Ingredients

Vegetable Glycerin, Red Raspberry, Mullein, Mugwort, Lavender Flowers, Damiana, Marshmallow, Hops, Wormwood, Valerian, Passion Flower, Lobelia, Tarragon and Coconut Extract.


Liquid Herbz are a premium, certified organic liquid made using 100% vegetable glycerine, herbs and nothing else.

For Drinking
We recommend using one dropper full per 8 oz glass of still or sparkling water. The liquid herbz dissolve instantly.

For Vaping
Liquid Herbz are best vaped at 37 to 40 Watts. Our vape juice works with most of the mods and vaporizers on the market, but the settings have to be at a lower heat.

Bear Blend Liquid Herbz are made from the finest organic ingredients; 100% organic, biodynamic and fair trade. Bear Blend herbal products are carefully hand-crafted in small batches in our USDA certified organic southern California facility.

Bear Blend bottles are 100% recyclable.  


Additional information

Weight 4.6 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 6 in

1 review for Dream Lodge Liquid Herbz (Coconut)

  1. Alexa Wickey (verified owner)

    I tried this because 1. I want to be more in touch with my subconscious and 2. I have a terrible time sleeping all of the time. I used to take sleep medications every single night. Anyway, this stuff is amazing! I have taken it two ways- under the tongue and I have also used it as a vape. Both ways, it tastes very good. It has a nice coconut taste to it. I’ve noticed when it is under my tongue, it also has a warming affect. It isn’t unpleasant, though. It helps me sleep all night and seems to open me up to prophetic dreams. I actually prefer to vape it. Just because it seems to have a longer-lasting affect on me. And the vape lasts all night. I also use this to get into a meditative state. I used to have a hard time meditating. But this helps me relax enough to get to the right frame of mind. I find that I do not have to use it EVERY time anymore. I think it helped me recognize the relaxed state, and now I don’t have to try as hard anymore. Anyway, I would suggest this to anyone for ritual purposes, relaxation, or sleep. It works very well either way! I am going to try the chews next. I am pretty excited to find out how that works for me.

  2. JR Halkyard

    Wow. I’ve been vaping a cannabinoid oil for medicinal reasons but, while it works wonderfully, usually leaves my ability to function somewhat impaired. I’ve had good luck with other products from Bear Blend so when I heard about the liquid line I was anxious to give them a try. I write this during my 1st vaping of this oil and the initial physical effect is very strong and leaves me feeling GOOD. The cerebral effect is one of calm and relaxation with a slight disorientation. While this isn’t making me sleepy I have the impression that if I were to lay down sleep would come easily. Flavor is somewhat earthy with tanning oil undertones. I will need to purchase a few more vape tanks to try some of the other blends. Heed the ‘strong effect’ warning with this one – I do not plan on driving while or after vaping the Dream Lodge.

  3. James

    Holy cow. I was a bit skeptical, but forget nicotine, this stuff is way better! Immediate relaxation effects. Great flavor and even good vape clouds. 12/10, these guys knocked it out the park.

  4. Rachel

    The Dream lodge works amazing on calming me and getting me to sleep.


    This product is amazing. It had a great inhale and it left me feeling os relaxed.

  6. Melissa Rodriguez

    I had a friend who had me try the Dream lodge liquid Herbz and I loved it. It was smooth, good vape, it has alot of my favorite herbs in it. Nice mild sweet flavor. Vaping is a stress reliever for me and knowing this is 100%VG is awesome loved it glad she had me try it.

  7. Connor

    Dream lodge is amazing

  8. Shon White (verified owner)

    Excellent. This really does what it’s supposed to do. Completely relaxed and chill when using. Great for after work. Not to mention, the sleep and the dreams were amazing! Haven’t dreamt like that in years (HONESTLY)!
    You have to try the Dream Lodge Liquid Herbz!

  9. Cassiel

    I love Dream Lodge. It’s a very calming combination of herbs that I couldn’t reproduce if I tried, and I make my own blends sometimes. Great to sleep or relax and enjoy. All high quality herbs, and the Liquid Herbz are not only tasty, but smooth and just as strong as the dry blends in my opinion. I won’t bother with any other herbal e-juices, and I’ve tried a few. Thanks, Bear Blend! Keep making great products and I’ll keep promoting them.

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