The leaves, flowers and the root of A. officinalis (marshmallow) have been used in traditional herbal medicine. This use is reflected in the name of the genus, which comes from the Greek ἄλθειν (althein), meaning “to heal.” In traditional Chinese medicine, Althaea officinalis is known as 藥蜀葵 (pinyin: yàoshǔkuí).

Marshmallow is traditionally used as relief for irritation of mucous membranes, including use as a gargle for mouth and throat ulcers and gastric ulcers. The root was used in the Middle Ages for sore throat.

Other benefits and effects of Marshmallow Leaf:

  • Treats Coughs and Colds
  • Fights Bacterial Infections
  • Repairs the Gut Lining, Preventing Leaky Gut Syndrome
  • Reduces Digestive Complaints
  • Heals Skin Troubles
  • Lowers Inflammation and Supports Heart Health
  • Reduces Water Retention

consult your physician before attempting to heal a serious condition, also if you are on medication such as antidepressants