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Shaman is an aromatic blend of ceremonial herbs and high terpene hemp CBD flower. Specially blended for healing and ceremony, this magical hand-crafted blend pays homage to the medicine men and women around the world.

WARNING: This stuff smells just like weed but contains less than 0.01% THC.

Go Herbal. Get Blended™. Celebrate Wisely.

Bear Blend is made from the finest herbs, and are hand-crafted in a certified organic facility in Southern California.

Bear Blend tins are 100% recyclable.  

The Shaman blend is only available for purchase in the US. Not available for international customers.

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Bear Blend is a certified additive-free herbal smoke blend. It contains no tobacco. Our blends are a flavorful and full-bodied smoke.

This product has been lab tested and contains 0.3% THC. With the trace amounts of THC, it is not recommended for those who must comply with drug test standards.

Smoking is an ancient tradition. Native peoples of the world smoked blends of herbs as a ceremonial sacrament. As you enjoy this gentle and fragrant smoke, take a moment from your busy day and acknowledge your connection to the creator, to this beautiful earth and to your own breath.


Hemp CBD Flower, Red Raspberry Leaf*, Mullein, Mugwort*, Lavender*, Rose Petals*, Calendula*, Damiana*, Passion Flower*, Lobelia* and Uva Ursi*


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Weight 2.05 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 1 × 3.5 in

7 reviews for Shaman Ceremonial Blend — CBD Flower

  1. Joshua Morgan (verified owner)

    First off, Shaman is THE BEST! Best flavor, best smoke, strongest effects of all the blends, its totally worth the money!
    Second, bear blend customer service is awesome, I was sent kin Nike nik by mistake, so i told Customer service, and the next day I got an email saying my order was on the way, I was allowed to keep the mistake and I got the shaman blend. Amazing work bear blend team!

  2. Channing

    I’m in love with this product. Any time I experience anxiety or stress, I just relax with some Shaman and feel blessed by the plant spirits. I can tell how much love and care went into my product. Thank you Bear Blends!

  3. Marc Brewster (verified owner)

    I’m actually doing a revision of a previous review of this product as BB customer service is 100 percent about satisfying customers. I had wrote a review about this product which was not bad at all but I expected something a bit different when I opened the can. I was contacted by BB via email stating they were sending me out a tin of the CBD NUGZ. I was totally shocked that a company actually paid attention to what I wrote. None the less I got my tin today. Fast shipping as usual from BB and I must say I am absolutely satisfied with this product! It looks just like what I was expecting and the taste is amazing. Please do yourself a favor (FLAVOR) and pick up this awesome smoke. Taste amazing. Thanks BB for setting such high standards in customer service, customer satisfaction and an AMAZING product. I will be back soon!

  4. Will Mckinney (verified owner)

    Ok first off I was skeptical to say the least but I enjoy smoking usually cigars and other stuff to relax and conquer anxiety, so I decided to try out bearbkends. All I can say is I’m VERY impressed, exactly what I was looking for. Bearbkends has a customer for life, I urge anyone to give it it try. I will be ordering on a regular basis, Happy customer here Bearbkends two thumbs up!

  5. William Gray

    I have been using three other Blends and have found then all acting pleasantly on my attitude slightly ’rounding the corners’ after a long day. The Shaman Blend seems to be the most ‘active’ for me being very smooth to the palate and giving me the feeling of a warm blanket on a cold evening………….almost like eating ‘comfort food’:) I’ll be interested in seeing what else I can get from it when I integrate it with more formal Ceremony. Good Job!

  6. Marc Brewster (verified owner)

    To be honest I thought it would be the buds and not the fluffy blend. I was expecting a better taste for the money and a bit of a better cut instead of the fluffed product. It’s ok but I will stick with the AMAZON which has an amazing taste. I am hoping to see a better cut of herbs from BB that is not as fluffy. Fast shipping on the product as usual. But I will just stick with what I know and not venture into unknown blends next time.

    • Anthony Bear

      Thanks for your honest review, Marc. We prepare our premium Shaman CBD Loose Blend so that it is ready to roll right out of the tin — no extra grinding required. Also, for us to get a perfect and consistent mix of hemp flower and organic herbs, we found that it works best to prepare it this way. We are glad that you enjoy the Amazon blend. Thanks for your support.

  7. Alex from Detroit

    Thank you Bear for another wonderfully crafted blend. The flavor was silky smooth and feels like a warm cup of chamomile tea.

    Michigan loves Bear Blend!

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  • Do Not Operate Heavy Machinery
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