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Each tin comes with 25 grams of Mugwort.

Known as the Dream herb, Mugwort is the perfect herb to pair with Ganja or even just smoke by itself.  Mugwort looks similar to weed yet has its own personality as an herb to be enjoyed.  Although it won’t get you high like Cannabis, there’s a good chance you’ll remember your dreams when you smoke Mugwort.

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3 reviews for Mugwort — Smokable Herbs

  1. Rachel

    I soaked mugwort and calendula in olive oil. It’s great for warming and healing sore muscles. Worked better than neosporin on small cuts too!

  2. David Glidden (verified owner)

    Just received my order of Mugwort. Taste is super good I felt an immediate relaxation come across my body after the first few tokes. Rating at 4 star only because the smoke is a tad harsh. Love the picture you drew in the invoice! So happy I found this website.

  3. Dorothy

    I NEVER knew u could smoke these herbs!! Im shooketh!!

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