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From the creators of Bear Blend Organic Ceremonial Herbal Blends comes this one of a kind collaborative and collective dreaming experience. It’s like the moment you first tried Bear Blend but in reading form. Actually, it is like telling a really good story and then deciding that everyone in the world should hear the story.

It turns out that stories are actually the way that we learned everything. So if you want to tell a good story or read a good story, then start here …

Are You Really Into Herbs?

So Are We…

Powerful healing herbs grow everywhere, probably even in your backyard. Humans have always used them for healing and ceremony. They have simply been forgotten. In a crazy and fast-paced modern world, the language of herbs is slowly disappearing — replaced with corporate greed and fear-driven media hype. But the herbs are still out there, waiting to be re-discovered.

Bear Blend is here to help you remember. 

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Look and Feel Fresh This Summer With CBD

CBD is one of the most popular health and wellness products on the market, and there are a variety of CBD-infused items that are ideal for a summer day. Whether you’re searching for a surprisingly fun way to remain indoors and survive the heat or stay hydrated and...

Man Wanna Smoke: End Isolation, Meet New Humans, Live #IRL Free

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Dedicated to Unfinished Work: Memorial Day & the Songs of Our Forebears

Good morning. Spark up an herb tree. Sip some coffee, tea or any sacred rite that suits you. Lean back and say “Ahh….” This Memorial Day, remember: You’re not the beginning. You’re a breathing continuation of a grand manifestation. You are your ancestors' dreams. Or...

Bear Blend Roots — Is Bear Blend a Native American Owned Company?

My name is Anthony Singing Bear. My great-great grandmother was Apache.  I feel deeply connected to a spiritual community of Native American musicians, ceremonialists, and activists.  With that being said, I do not identify as Native American.  I was born and raised...

May Day’s Festival of Beltane — A Sacred Ritual of Nudity & Fun!

Happy May Day! Now get naked and make love to your neighbor. It’s tradition. Throw in enough Pagan into the mix, and May Day, otherwise known as the Festival of Beltane, is not exactly your PG rated elementary school party of spring blossoms and flower baskets. Held...

Happy 420 Earth Day: Get Stoned, Make Art, Save the Planet

You’re cruising over the Bay Bridge from Oakland to San Francisco, windows down, 60 m.p.h., and the entire Pacific Ocean smells like a Phish “Makisupa Policeman” set 1 opener.  It’s 4/20 at 4:20 — that moment every stoner in the Cosmos simultaneously sparks up like...

Rainbow Connection: Synchronicity & the Rhythms That Inspire Bear Blend

Close your eyes.  Dig down in, deep inside. We'll wait. Be your mind: Are you spiraling down a rainbow waterslide, cascading along that DNA double helix to the wonder-gasm at the brain base of your spine? If not, you’re doing it wrong. And by “it,” we mean life. Carpe...

Addicted to Weed? Bottomless Bong Hits & the Reality of Weedahaulism

God is a stoner, too. On the third day, 20 after 4 in the afternoon, She invented cannabis and bliss, music, melody, and the Here-Ever-After. Seriously. Cannabis is a gateway wonder plant. It does so much shit, you’d think science was stoned off its gourd. Your third...

Just a Little Light: Spring Equinox and the Healing of New Beginnings

Certain song lyrics crystalize a raindrop — a rolling truth pebble — synthesizing everything you need to get by, to believe in, “to give me just a little sweetness, just a little sweetness, just a little light.” That lyric from Brent Mydland, whom some would argue was...

Smoke a Peace Pipe: Reconnect Long Lost Friends & Forgive

This Valentine's Day, Smoke a Peace Pipe With Your Enemies. They miss you.  Why haven't you called? In these down and dreary days of the pandemic, time starts to run together like a Willy Wonka river of COVID snot. No shindigs, few people, nothing to do. You’re caught...

Want to Quit Smoking? How Herbal Blends Can Sooth Your Nicotine Fix

Seen this ad?

“I’m Henry Hill, and I quit smoking with a pharmaceutical side effects may include farting, seizures, and heart attacks….”
You don’t need to be a Hollywood movie star or a Wiseguy to wonder if there’s a better way to quit smoking than a freaking heart-fart attack.

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Discover the power of connecting with the herbs in a ceremonial way. Every moment is an opportunity to slow down and connect.

Our Favorite Herbal Resources

1. Gaia’s “Meet Your Herbs”

We love Gaia’s Herbs Website. They talk about all the herbs with reverence and respect.

2. Mountain Rose Herbs

Mountain Rose has a beautifully designed website with organic herbs of all kinds and at all quantitites.

3. Medicine Hunter

Chris Kilham is the medicine hunter. He travels the world discovering the most exotic herbs around.

Some of Our Favorite Herbs

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