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From the creators of Bear Blend Organic Ceremonial Herbal Blends comes this one of a kind collaborative and collective dreaming experience. It’s like the moment you first tried Bear Blend but in reading form. Actually, it is like telling a really good story and then deciding that everyone in the world should hear the story.

It turns out that stories are actually the way that we learned everything. So if you want to tell a good story or read a good story, then start here …

Are You Really Into Herbs?

So Are We…

Powerful healing herbs grow everywhere, probably even in your backyard. Humans have always used them for healing and ceremony. They have simply been forgotten. In a crazy and fast-paced modern world, the language of herbs is slowly disappearing — replaced with corporate greed and fear-driven media hype. But the herbs are still out there, waiting to be re-discovered.

Bear Blend is here to help you remember. 

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Recent Posts

Chill Out with the Mintz: Our Original Blend with a Mentholated Cool

Our Mintz blend centers on an enchanting herb that invigorates the senses with an aroma that’s downright magical.

Like many herbs, Mint grows like a weed – a sensual, sexy, spellbinding weed, but a weed all the same. Plant it anywhere, and it just doesn’t stop. Mint takes over like athleisure at a Bay Area tech conference.

The Awesome Benefits of a Walkabout: How to Get High On a Nature Walk

“Where is the love to be found? Won’t someone tell me because life, sweet life, must be somewhere to be found, instead of a Concrete Jungle.” Bob Marley lays out the Rastaman’s dilemma thick and on point. Whether you’re living in a square of concrete cement in LA,...

Puff Puff Give: How to Smoke Herbs and Celebrate Life Like a Buddha

Your Bear Blend care package just arrived in the mail like a care package from your California hippie aunt. You open the tin and breathe in the fresh herbs filled to the brim. They’re so light and fluffy they just seem to bounce with the scent – the aroma of the forest, the sunlight of chlorophyll, the magic of nature.
Your next thought likely is: How the hell do I smoke these herbs?

Coyote Medicine: Light it Up, Laugh, Inhale — The Beauty of Insanity

We believe in the power of the animal medicine totem spirits. If you missed it last time, take a minute to read a little bit about the coyote medicine. And next time you see a coyote out there in the wild, you will think again. Find out why that cosmic trickster stalking you.

Kin Nik Nik — a Visionary Smoking Blend of Transcendent Meditation

Interested in learning how herbs can take you to another level of consciousness? Well, it takes more than just herbs, but our Kin Nik Nik blend mixed with some transcendental meditation techniques can actually get you there.

Read more about this blend and how some of these herbs have been used for ceremonies in the past. And next time you sit down to smoke, consider opening up to the oneness.

The Moon — Discover the Magic of Gaia and the Beauty of Feminine Connectivity

Listen to your mother – not only the woman who brought you into this world, but the green globe of Gaia who gave birth to the garden of creation.  There is a reason women tend to be more connected to Mother Earth. “That’s right, the women are smarter,” tunes the...

The Dream Lodge – an Herbal Ticket to Deep and Blissful Lucid Dreaming

The dream world’s calling to our hidden, inner psyche – it teaches us secrets we need to know. Dreaming is the washing of the unconscious, where desire, fantasy, and fear rinse our mental essence and release us from the toxins of life.  We cannot survive without...

How Lobelia Can Help You Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Open a tin of organic Bear Blend. The light fluffy herbs are nature’s perfect picture – the green of chlorophyll blended in an herbal cornucopia. These smoking herbs are the stuff of Middle Earth – the perfect toke for a Hobbit after second or even third breakfast,...

If the Trees Could Talk

Have you ever heard the expression knock on wood? Ever wonder where it came from? Before cities and cars and the constant background hum of engines and lights buzzing in the distance, people were much more connected to nature — because that is, after all, where they...

Can Cannabis Prevent COVID? The Stoned Science Behind Weed Edibles

It’s a crazy world. As the great and wise bathrobe sage Ferris Bueller once told me: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” Here’s a tid-bit of brand new science you might have missed: Weed might just ward off...

Want to Quit Smoking? How Herbal Blends Can Sooth Your Nicotine Fix

Seen this ad?

“I’m Henry Hill, and I quit smoking with a pharmaceutical side effects may include farting, seizures, and heart attacks….”
You don’t need to be a Hollywood movie star or a Wiseguy to wonder if there’s a better way to quit smoking than a freaking heart-fart attack.

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Discover the power of connecting with the herbs in a ceremonial way. Every moment is an opportunity to slow down and connect.

Our Favorite Herbal Resources

1. Gaia’s “Meet Your Herbs”

We love Gaia’s Herbs Website. They talk about all the herbs with reverence and respect.

2. Mountain Rose Herbs

Mountain Rose has a beautifully designed website with organic herbs of all kinds and at all quantitites.

3. Medicine Hunter

Chris Kilham is the medicine hunter. He travels the world discovering the most exotic herbs around.

Some of Our Favorite Herbs

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