The Benefits of CBD and Hemp Flower

Cannabidiol or CBD, also known as hemp flower, became a household term in the years preceding the massive legalization of Marijuana in the United States. CBD is a cannabinoid like THC, the popular plant component in Marijuana that gives people a buzz. However, CBD does not get a person high. CBD has been highly regarded in recent years for its health benefits, despite being discovered over eighty years ago.

CBD for Pain Relief

According to an article in the national library of medicine, CBD has been proven to have analgesic effects in both animal and clinical trials. While research is still being done on how CBD relieves pain, it is undoubtedly effective at doing so. CBD has been proven effective at treating chronic pain such as arthritis, fibromyalgia and muscular pain.

While many delivery methods exist; smoking CBD is the fastest and most intense delivery method. Sometimes a combination therapy by smoking and applying a topical CBD treatment can be found most effective for this type of pain management.

CBD for Inflammation

CBD has been found to reduce Inflammation.  This is perhaps part of the mechanism for its analgesic properties since Inflammation produces pain. Inflammation can also contribute to most health troubles from stomachaches to headaches. It is the antagonist to any chronic condition or disease. CBD can be taken orally, topically or inhaled. As previously mentioned, inhaling CBD produces the fastest and most intense effects. There are many products such as herbal cigarettes, oils and CBD flower blends to smoke CBD for these purposes.

CBD for Mental Health

CBD has been shown to help with anxiety, depression, eating disorders and with some addictions. It has properties that help you relax without feeling the psychoactive effects like THC. In this way, CBD can relax a person, thereby lifting their general mood. It’s not a replacement for mental health medications prescribed by a doctor. Yet, it is shown to have little to no side effects or drug interactions.

CBD is similar to its brother THC in that it can help with appetite regulation (don’t worry, you won’t be running to the fridge like back in college). Studies have shown it can be effective in helping those who suffer from anorexia or severe lack of appetite. CBD is also a non addictive nicotine replacement therapy.

Smoking CBD for its mental health benefits can also be more psychologically grounding than using an edible delivery system. The ritualistic nature of smoking herbs dates back to our ancestral roots. Taking the time to just sit still and inhale while the CBD delivers its benefits is incredibly relaxing. There are herbal blends containing CBD which can provide other benefits like sleep support and memory support.

CBD for Sexual Dysfunction and Libido

Oh yes, it can help with that too. CBD has been said to help increase libido and arousal. Smoking CBD before sex can help relax both partners which relieves muscle tension and increases serotonin. In women, there is an increase in vaginal lubrication while men have seen less erectile dysfunction due to increased blood flow. The effects won’t send one into immediate passion but they sure do help. Topical CBD lubricants exist but the sure fire way to deliver these benefits is by smoking CBD prior to. Why not ditch the cocktails and have a CBD rollie before play time?

Give CBD a Try

CBD is an effective pain reliever, inflammation reducer and mental health supporter. It can aid in sexual arousal. Smoking CBD delivers it the fastest through your bloodstream. You can even break that nicotine habit by smoking some CBD cigarettes. Why not explore the benefits of CBD herbal blends with a pipe or rolling papers? You can even get CBD for your vape. So, take a moment for yourself and enjoy the ancient ritual of smoking herbs while taking in the health benefits of CBD.






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