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Thrillist: All of the Other Herbs You Can Smoke

Cannabis may be the herb of the moment, but the normalization of weed and alternative wellness journeys in general has ushered in a broader herbal renaissance that’s bringing a variety of plants into pipes and papers everywhere. Herbal smoking blends peppered with rose petals and lavender buds are in style right now.

Candid Chronicle: To Spliff or Not to Spliff

Herbs have been used to relax and reconnect us for hundreds of years as ceremonial blends have long been used for smoking, tea, or incense.

A “Spliff” is any blended smoke, but it is most generally associated with mixing cannabis and tobacco. The language used to characterize spliffs and other herbal cigarettes is used all over the world, and it has a variety of fascinating origin stories.

A Holistic Approach to Healing: An Interview With Anthony Bear of Plant Medicine Company Bear Blend

Starting out of a passion for clean, green, healing medicine, Anthony Bear turned his tiny organic farm full of vegetables, flowers, herbs, and chickens into a massive cannabis industry brand focused on overall wellness. Bear Blend’s unique and spiritual approach to what they do is just one thing that sets them apart from their competition. #growerstories

CBD BIBLE:  Bear Blend’s Expert Blends & Great Tinctures

The brand was founded by Anthony Bear, who grew up working on his family’s organic farm. From an early age, Anthony learned the value of using herbs to treat a variety of ailments and for general health purposes. The local community was full of herbalists who guided Anthony and educated him about the power of herbal blends. It wasn’t long before Anthony was creating his own blends and not only using them in how own life, but also sharing them with others.

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