Savor Hygge: How to Harvest Cozy Comfort with Smokable Herbs This Winter

by Jan 30, 2024Smoke Signals0 comments

Savor Hygge: How to Harvest Cozy Comfort with Smokable Herbs This Winter

by Jan 30, 2024Smoke Signals0 comments

Wipe away a steam oval in your living room window with the soft-pleather elbow pad of your organic made-in-Vermont llama sweater. See any winter outside? Yes, it’s okay to vomit internally and wish you were butt-ass naked on a Carribean surfboard mooning dolphins right now.

Because let’s be honest with ourselves. Like a bad Grateful Dead cover band, winter ripples the wrinkly fat off the swaying cellulite arms of a church lady on Sunday. It’s all right to say it – winter blows stool pigeon nuts in the Kansas City breeze like a mobster on the FBI’s meal ticket. And you can expect the same snot-nosed dreariness for the next 2 to 4 months, easy.

Even if you live in California, the sunshine state rains snot cats and dogs for months on end in the winter. And in the Midwest, it’s nothing but the moldy, stank ass sponge of amoeba funk in a bar kitchen mop bucket Justin Bieber just pissed on. Global warming may have made snow practically extinct, but the gray booger-slick sneeze stain known as January and February is here to stay.

Original Smoke Blend

But fear not, if you take a little time to breathe, i.e. spark up the coziness, herbs, and creativity, winter can be celebrated. Now is the time to snuggle down into blankets with a glass of warm whiskey-laced funkiness and savor the Hygge, which BTW perfectly pairs with a spliff of smokable herbs and a furry cloak made of fatty polar bear.

Hygge (pronounced Hoo-Ga) originates from the great Kingdom of Denmark where freezing your ass off is practically a national sport. There’s no direct translation in English, but Hygge’s meaning lands somewhere around “to give comfort and joy.” Hygge is the desire to curl up cozy and warm in the good things of life. Its etymology stems from the Old Norse word meaning “Soul,” which many speculate is the root of the English word “Hug.” So think of Hygge as a soul hug in the middle of winter when the numbed chi of your toes need it the most. 

Hygge and Mindfulness: A State of Be Here Now

Hygge and mindfulness play the same game, share in the same dream: the joy of basking in the pureness of the moment. Mindfulness is the art of creating space for ourselves and just existing within the presence of Time. It’s being aware of where you are in this exact moment in Time without becoming overly reactive or overwhelmed with expectation. Smoking herbs can be the perfect vehicle, an excuse to pause from the hustle of life. Puff puff give: Sit simply and be one with the smoke and the Be Here Now of your mind.

Hygge follows that same spirit. Curl in, get cozy, and let this moment in time be itself, no pretensions, games, or slick gimmicks.

That said, Hygge works best if you turn off your phone and take a moment to consciously not be a sweaty PalmPilot singing cyborg junky in “Terminator: the Musical.” Step back from electronics, cut the tech umbilical cord, and simply be one with the peace of the moment. By curling into Hygge, you’ll be able to calm the balm of your soul – appreciate where you are in life and nuzzle into good manifestations that warm and soothe the winter gray away.

Put on Dank Funky Duds or Be Born Again in a Birthday Suit

To truly savor and snuggle the Hygge, dress well and comfy. Break out your fashion dazzle. Put on your cozy PJs, that polar bear furlined hoodie, or maybe a warm, snug Tauntaun sleeping bag fresh with blood and guts so cozy little baby-faced Skywalker sleeps like a baby.

Or go butt-ass naked under a snuggly warm blanket, a cup of whiskey cocoa, and a sexy soul mate to keep the heat in the sheets. You do you. If you bundle under blankets, streaking the house can be the perfect way to cozy the winter. Anything that celebrates the soul bliss and funk-dances the gray away.

Because this practice of dressing comfortably and cozy is not just about battling the cold, but nurturing a feeling of well-being and simple pleasures, like curling up with a good book and a dank-ass chocolate stout. 

Celebrate Hygge with Music

Music speaks to the depths of being, so to truly Hygge hug your inner child, put that funky shit on the turntable and let your soul spin like a dolphin doing belly flops whacked out of her mind on pufferfish.

Whether jazz, funk, or Skinny Puppy on Chipmunk speed, give your music the soul it needs. In the Hygge Chicken Soup of the Soul, music becomes more than just a background sound; it’s a deliberate choice to create an auditory oasis that aligns with the visual and tactile elements of comfort, like the sparks of the Vader Yule log set to heavy metal stun

The harmonious blend of music and environment encourages relaxation, introspection, and the enjoyment of the good things in life, whether you’re chilling with friends, real or imaginary, or celebrating the Brotherhood of Me, Myself, and I. Music deepens the Hygge experience.

Savor Hygge with Smokable Herbs

Savor the good things. Invite friends over for a dinner party, throw the Miles Davis on the turntable, and clam bake the living room like Smoky the Bear’s OnlyFans Leather Daddy plus edition. Read Vonnegut ‘til your guts bust that literary lust. Hike in the snow like a ski-bummed cokehead having an epiphany about the existential meaning of “Better of Dead.”

Nurture your mind. That’s the only way to survive winter. Escape into the wonderland within. Make yourself some tea and roll a fat spliff of smokable herbs. Cozy under those blankets and realize the glory of your toes. Light the end of the spliff, inhale, and let the green of the forest breathe through your lungs. Remember what chlorophyll smells like. You’ve got this. You’ll not only survive this winter, but truly feel good, high and alive, dancing on the edge of bliss despite the blizzard blur.

Keep nature close. Herbs are a gift, a reminder of our heritage and the great outdoors in the middle of winter’s sleep. Get your rest and join joy to the haven of your inner child. Savor Hygge and cultivate happy highs and sexy thighs in the sigh of the wind and the hybernated snooze of your inner Pooh Bear. 

Mathew Gallagher

Mathew Gallagher

Wordsmith Specialist

A freelance writer for hire, Matt Gallagher is the face and voice behind Web Copy Magician. He enjoys Bear Blend as a tea to spiritually reconnect with nature and the therapeutic wonders of chlorophyll.


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