Puff Puff Give: How to Smoke Herbs and Celebrate Life Like a Buddha

by Aug 22, 2023Smoke Signals1 comment

Puff Puff Give: How to Smoke Herbs and Celebrate Life Like a Buddha

by Aug 22, 2023Smoke Signals1 comment

Your Bear Blend care package just arrived in the mail like a care package from your California hippie aunt. You open the tin and breathe in the fresh herbs filled to the brim. They’re so light and fluffy they just seem to bounce with the scent – the aroma of the forest, the sunlight of chlorophyll, the magic of nature.

Your next thought likely is: How the hell do I smoke these herbs?

Smoking herbs isn’t like smoking cigarettes – it’s a whole new experience. You’re not feeding an addiction, itching a fix, hammering straight-up coffin nails into your chest. You’re connecting to nature in a blissful herbal connection that grounds your soul to the Earth. 

Here’s how to get the most out of your herbal smoking experience. Kick back, relax, and discover how mindfully meditative smoking herbs can be when you bring a little conscious ceremony into the mix.


How to Puff Pre-Rolled Herbal Cigarettes


If you’ve got a pack of Bear Blend pre-rolls, you can light them just as you would a typical cigarette. But after that, the experience is much different. Maybe the first couple of puffs, you’re not going to get much. But the more you smoke, the more you get. After a little while, it starts to taste really nice – the herbs just kinda tingle and dance on the tongue. The smoke tastes more natural and feels easier on the lungs if you stick to gentle puffs.

How to Roll and Smoke Herbal Spliffs


For flowers, roll like you would a joint. You can roll with tips or filters, which you can purchase on our site. Or you can use a small piece of cardboard rolled into a little funnel tip. I find old business cards work perfectly.

Mix a little sacred Tobacco or Cannabis into the roll, if that’s your style. Both pair excellently with Bear Blend.

I like to put the whole spliff in my mouth backward and pull it out through my lips so the paper’s just a little bit slick. This tends to slow the burn and helps the spliff burn more evenly. You also feel a little like the Dude decked in a Kaoru Betto jersey in Lebowski’s library with a little Mozart on the turntable. And that’s pretty awesome.

Light the end of the spliff before putting it in your mouth. Get the edges to burn nice and evenly, almost like lighting the end of a smudge of Sage. You may need to relight the end of the spliff a few times throughout the smoking process to ensure the paper burns evenly with the herbs.

How to Smoke Bear Blend in a Bowl or Pipe


If you prefer Bear Blend in a pipe, tamp the herbs down so they’re snug. If you like to mix your herbs with Cannabis, a little dash of hash on top adds a nice buzz and keeps the herbs burning throughout the smoking process so you can just puff away like Sherlock Holmes.

We’d also suggest lighting the herbs with a hemp wick. This will keep you from inhaling butane from a lighter, which tastes like ass and isn’t good for you.

smokable herbs and lobelia

Smoke Herbs: Sip – Don’t Chug

The key to smoking herbs is to gently puff. Sip it like it’s hot tea – don’t chug it like a beer. Savor the herbs, nice and gently. It’s not like you’re puffing down a cigarette huddled outside the grease dumpster before your line cook shift. You’re not itching an addiction. You’re smoking to relax, and that means really noticing and appreciating the herbs and everything around you. Breathe in just a little bit, savor it in the lungs, and let the herbs work their magic.

Gently sip the herbal smoke to allow the flavors to unfold gradually, like a delicate symphony on the taste buds. Bear Blend’s herbal cornucopia creates a flavor palate that’s selectively distinctive. Savoring each breath becomes its own meditation, grounding you in the moment so you can better appreciate the subtle beauty of the present.

The Sacred Ritual of Smoking Herbs

When you smoke herbs, partake in the process as your own sacred ritual. This is a time to connect and commune with the herbs, a gift of nature, an opportunity to appreciate all the Earth has to give us. 

Approach the smoke with reverence and mindfulness. Give thanks to the smoke. As you exhale, the smoke becomes spirit transformed in a gift to the sky. Honor the wisdom of the plants, cultivate mindfulness, and deepen your understanding of yourselves and the natural world. Smoking herbs should be a sacred act – an invitation to dance harmoniously with the forces that shape existence. Smoke herbs like a Buddha and become one with the moment.

Puffing Bear Blend is more than just flavor – it’s embracing the now. Savor each moment. Make life count. Celebrates life one breath at a time. Enlightenment is just a state of mind.

Matt Gallagher

Matt Gallagher

Wordsmith Specialist

A freelance writer for hire, Matt Gallagher is the face and voice behind Web Copy Magician. He enjoys Bear Blend as a tea to spiritually reconnect with nature and the therapeutic wonders of chlorophyll.

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