Coyote Medicine: Light it Up, Laugh, Inhale — The Beauty of Insanity

by Mar 2, 2023Smoke Signals5 comments

Coyote Medicine: Light it Up, Laugh, Inhale — The Beauty of Insanity

by Mar 2, 2023Smoke Signals5 comments

Smell something burning?

Could be your lunch, the gig economy, and/or (most likely) Coyote’s tail – lit like a shish kabob marshmallow for a s’more from Hell. Best to inhale and pass to the left.

Playing with matches, Coyote lights his fur ablaze because fire is fun as hell. Whenever you pull Coyote energy, better hang on to your ass. You may not like what’s about to happen to you – whatever, Coyote doesn’t give a rat’s scrotum. He’s having too much fun.

But it’s bound to be hilarious, if you still can laugh – at yourself and your ambitions, at life and all its duck-fart absurdity. 

Because like it or not, there’s wisdom in what Coyote has to teach us – and your ass-kick is the butt of his jokes.

Coyote Medicine laughs out loud. You can’t run, you can’t hide, but you can find humor in the absurdity of the pain of your own ego. So guffaw-belly-roll until the tears roll down your cheeks.

Coyote – the Joe Rogan of the Spirit Animal Kingdom

The Coyote is the Sacred Fool. His medicine is tricky and eerie, but it cannot be avoided. 

Just ask a biologist. In a misguided effort to protect livestock, humans have poisoned coyotes for centuries. But the punchline’s always at our expense. Studies show that when you kill coyotes, they breed like bunnies at Hef’s mansion, filling in the biological gap with an evolutionary joke older than domesticated sheep.

Try to avoid or kill the Coyote – he’ll come back with vivid abundance.

Like all dog relatives, coyotes are descended from wolves. But unlike the wolf, coyotes have evolved to adapt to human industrialization and learned to thrive in urban environments cut off from nature. Coyotes can live anywhere – in the desert, in the mountains, in the land of soccer moms and dinosaurs-chomping-America’s-traditional-family SUVs. Coyotes are proof a sense of humor gets you far in life. Being a self-deprecating smart-ass can be a keen survival instinct in humanity’s civilization of clowns. 

As a Spirit Animal, the Coyote is a jester. He satirizes the seriousness of the Sacred. Like Joe Rogan standup, the Coyote reminds us that life is best lived in the absurdity of grit and the depantsing of taboos with an arm sleeve of tattoos. Coyote sees your naked emperor, laughs at his fat ass – then takes a big bite off that butt-cheek cheeseburger.

Coyote lives by the seat of his pants, in the moment, because spontaneity holds all the fun. Those who find Coyote on their tail are often avoiding change, despite its inevitability. Coyote reminds us to adapt. The Coyote is a creative magician, an artist of a prankster, the Roadrunner’s Dream Guide. When you run off a cliff in a storm cloud of train feet, relearning how to laugh is the only way to break your fall. 

Through gorgeous and hilarious slapstick, usually at your expense, Coyote unveils the truth behind the illusion of chaos. Often, you are the naked emperor whose pride is the delusion of a pin-striped zoot suit. Embrace your nudity and streak the temple. The gods will love you and buy you a beer.

Laugh, Drop, and Roll

Never underestimate Coyote energy. In the same breath, don’t take it for granted or assume his sick cosmic jokes have nothing to teach. Your life may have just become a thunder fuck of General Custer’s cluster, but Coyote’s still trying to teach you something. Until you learn, you’ll be caught in a cyclical cylinder of sick practical jokes, every single one at your expense.

The best way to approach Coyote energy is with a sick sense of humor. Laugh hilariously. The joke’s on you, but it’s still funny – if you don’t take yourself or your problems too seriously. Along the way, you may even realize beauty you wouldn’t otherwise notice. Say your car breaks down in a gorgeous field of sunflowers. Allow them to light you up and appreciate the glorious grandeur in the struggle of the day-to-day. It’s the beauty wrapped around the suffering that makes life worth living, that causes us to stop, drop, and laugh – realize we’re nothing but cosmically conscious fleas on the ass of this sick infinite universe.

Laugh, drop, and roll – that’s how you survive Coyote energy and learn what he has to teach. His practical jokes may even lead you to new understanding. Like the best comedy, Coyote’s practical jokes burn the truth inside our souls to reveal the world anew, without assumption.

Toke the Joke

Life can be a bitch of a Coyote – boulders dropping out of the sky, ACME explosives blasting your hairline to a crisp, run over by the cosmic choo-choo train of enlightenment. 

At Bear Blend, we try to never take ourselves too seriously. Sometimes all you can do is stop, drop, and roll herbs. Taking a moment to sit back and enjoy a toke brings perspective to the day, to your silly problems, to Coyote lighting your hair on fire with a stick of ACME dynamite like a Bob Marley ganja spliff. 

Breathe in; breathe out. Spark the herbs and offer the smoke up as a grateful breath to the creator. We’re here to laugh at this Cosmic joke. Appreciate the punch line, or get punched. It’s that simple.

This too shall pass. Coyote energy will turn, in time, with patient eventuality, but first, the truth must be revealed. Life’s a joke, this world’s a stage, and comedy’s only tragedy when we take life too seriously. 

Just laugh. Get freaking ripped. (Who knows, you just might learn something.)

Mathew Gallagher

Mathew Gallagher

Wordsmith Specialist

A freelance writer for hire, Matt Gallagher is the face and voice behind Web Copy Magician. He enjoys Bear Blend as a tea to spiritually reconnect with nature and the therapeutic wonders of chlorophyll.


  1. Julia Sadowski

    That was the best article about coyote medicine that I’ve ever read. Thank you

  2. Ian

    Love it

  3. Aaron

    Thank you

    • Tikhon Andrew Gilson

      Coyote is the irony dog. A holy fool.

  4. Amy

    Loved this, very helpful and spot on.


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