Coming in 2019, Bear Blend will be offering a new premium line of ceremonial herbal teas.  Because tea is more than just a trendy drink; tea offers a way of reconnecting, remembering where we come from, and celebrating the medicines of life.  Treat your senses to an Oasis of Earthly delights.  Celebrate wisely.


Here are some great stand-alone herbs to enjoy as a tea:

The fuzzy mullein leaf has been featured for medicinal and spiritual practice going back centuries.  Many Native American tribes have used mullein tea for respiratory problems and clearing the lungs.  Mullein is known for being a powerful anti-inflammatory herb.  The Cherokee people would drink mullein tea as a mild sedative and pain reliever.

Peppermint originated in the Mediterranean and is grown all over the world today.  Fresh or dried leaves have long been used as a tea, among other uses as a food and beverage.  Peppermint is a powerful treatment for colds, flu, allergies, headaches, and indigestion.  A strong peppermint tea not only treats ailments but is also pleasantly flavorful.

Yerba mate was first cultivated and enjoyed by the Guarani people of Paraguay.  Mate means the “gourd” in Spanish.  Today the herb is incredibly popular as a beverage in South America, where friends gather to drink the tea as a ritual.  Because yerba mate contains such a high content of antioxidants and minerals, it is also considered a health food around the world.

Tulsi, or holy basil, is also known as the Elixir of life.  The herb is worshipped as a goddess in Hinduism.  All parts of the plant are considered divine, from the stem to the roots to the seeds, leaves, flower and oil.  Called the queen of the herbs, a Hindu household is not considered complete without a Tulsi plant in the courtyard.  On top of being a holy herb, Tulsi is anti-inflammatory and an adaptogen.

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