Making the Tea

All of our certified organic loose ceremonial herbal blends can be easily made into a tea. You will need an herbal tea infuser. You can use anything from a french press to a tea pot with a stainless steel strainer. To make the tea, steep 1 tablespoon of loose blend per 12oz of water for 3-5 minutes. You can steep your tea for longer if desired to get more of the effects from the herbs, but the flavor may become bitter.

Another way to brew a large amount of ice-tea is to make Sun Tea. Simply put the loose herbs in a large glass container, fill it with filtered or spring water, and set it out in the sun for the afternoon. After 4-6 hours of sun, nature will have brewed you the finest tea imaginable. Refrigerate it and mix with honey, lemon and ice as desired for the perfect flavor.

Some of our blends may have a strong relaxing effect, or may help to induce a dream state, so please celebrate wisely.


The alchemy of amazing tea combines the elements of earth, fire and water to make a special magical blend.

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