Wildcrafted Large White Sage with Lavender and Rosemary


White Sage (Salvia Apiana) is an important and sacred plant for Native Americans. This plant provides both food and medicine for the native Kumeyaay, as well as many others. These bundles also utilize the healing properties of wild rosemary and lavender.

Due to the anti- bacterial properties of the leaves, the Kumeyaay used sage to remedy a cold or flu. They would also burn these leaves in a sweat-house to help purify out the toxins associated with an illness. Leaves are also burned in living spaces to act as a form of cleansing.

A little over a mile up the mountain from any road, our sage is consciously harvested with love from our garden! Around 4000 foot elevation, the sage is covering the hillside above a beautiful natural creek near the Santa Ysabel nation of Southern California. Blessings.

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These bundles have been hand woven by Bear Blend's tribe member and artist, Juliana Bemben.

As you enjoy this gentle and fragrant smoke, take a moment from your busy day and acknowledge your connection to the creator, to this beautiful earth and to your own breath.


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