11 reasons why 11.11 is an important day

by Nov 11, 2021Smoke Signals0 comments

11 reasons why 11.11 is an important day

by Nov 11, 2021Smoke Signals0 comments

Today is Veteran’s Day. It’s the 11th day of the 11th month. This day feels important for some reason. Why?

Here are 11 reasons why we should take some time today to reflect.

1) History

November 11th, 1918 was the day that the Armstice Agreement was signed ending World War I — which at the time was not called World War One, because there had not been a part two yet.  So much for those peace agreements.


2) It Is Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day is an opportunity to recognize all the warriors living and deceased that have put their lives at risk for their country.  Now some people think of their country as their government. But I think of my country as the 300 million people that all live here.  If you talk to a Veteran about their experience during war, they will probably tell you that they were not thinking about either their government or the 300 Million people when they were fighting. To them, at that moment, their entire world was their small platoon of men and women of this country and how they were going to get everyone home safely and not die.

3) It Is Warrior’s Day

I like to think about today not as a celebration of War (which sucks) but a celebration of Warriors. A Warrior is someone who learns to walk the path of the righteous and stand up for a cause that they believe in. And, in most cultures, being a warrior does not imply a violent nature, but rather someone who is composed, rooted in tradition, and dedicating his or her life in service of others. It is the warriors who protect the rest of us and put themselves on the front lines in order to keep the rest of our families safe. This is a Warrior.

4) Eleven has been called the God number

Eleven is the Master Number of Wisdom.  11.11 signifies the Master of Masters. 

The number One is the number of Raw Energy or Life … you can think of the Sun. So the number 11 is like a higher vibration of their single-digit counterpart. Therefore 11 is like the creator of Suns. This is the spirit behind the creation of the cosmos. Therefore 11.11 is the higher vibration of 11 which would then be the creator of the universe — God.

5) It Is the 11th Day of the 11th Month

Since the beginning of time, we have been in cycles of 12. That is mostly because there are 12 astrological symbols which are on the elliptical of the sun and the planets. Astronomers watching this over the years broke those parts of the sky into 12 houses and named them based on the constellations in each house. And now we have 12 hours in a half day, and 12 inches in a foot, and so on. So the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month is significant because it has come to mean that it is our last chance, our last hour, our last warning to make the change that we want to see in the world. 

6) 11% of Veterans are Women

I mean … wow! And if you have ever seen a real female warrior—stand back.

7) The Number 11 is at One with the Universe

Because we live our lives by our calendars and our watches and our phones, there is this subconscious belief in the power of numerology. And if we believe it, then it is possible. So let’s take a second and connect with the universe. It is possible that the channels are open for us now!

8) It is 11 Days after the Day of the Dead

So we have given all the spirits 11 days to connect with our world and settle into our lives. They should be resonating with us right now more than ever.

9) 1111 is an Angel Number

11 is an indicator of a new beginning — a new opportunity staring you in the face. Can’t you see it!?  Today is the perfect day to start a new chapter in your life! What will you do?

10) All the Messages are Coming Today

Because of the heightened vibes today, the messages will start to become clear. But only if you take the time to breathe and meditate and reflect on them. So let’s all agree to take today to listen closely to the messages. Go on a walk and pay attention to the signs. Ask some questions and let the universe answer them. There is a heightened connection between us and the spirit world today. So let’s just slow down and pay attention. All the questions that you have about your life or relationships or money or future will become clear today if we slow down enough to listen.

10) It’s Just Cool

Think about it — 11/11/21 at 11:11:21 … I think we should all do something right at that moment together. Like smoke some Bear Blend!  

Anthony Bear

Anthony Bear

“These herbs are a gift from our Mother to all of humanity and they have a message for everyone. I am here to share their message with you.”


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