Discovering the Power of Rituals

Virtually everyone practices personal rituals, often without realizing it. That morning cup of Joe, a glass of wine in the evening, or bedtime rituals like brushing teeth.

Rituals are everywhere, from holiday celebrations to newborn babies. Virtually every human activity or interaction can feature some form of observance.

What Is a Ritual? 

Per psychologists, rituals are a predefined sequence of symbolic actions typically featuring formality and repetition without significant intention.

We often create rituals around our values, like when Christians baptize infants as a symbol of spiritual rebirth. Practicing routines can provide stability for the future and support a sense of predictability and consistency against the uncertainty and anxiety of life.

You probably are unaware that you participate in personal rituals daily. Along with that cup of Joe, you could spend time with a daily devotional, enjoy a morning walk, or have a few moments of meditation to begin the day.

The Benefits of Rituals

There are numerous benefits of ceremonial practices; helping you feel more grounded and in control of your life is chief among them.
But the benefits don’t stop there:

We can’t control everything, but implementing these routines is within our control. Establishing our daily practices and their meanings makes our lives more stable and less chaotic.

Many rituals occur in group settings like the workplace, church, school, and civic organizations. These practices create a greater sense of community and strengthen resolve to persevere in difficult times.

Being present in the moment and aware of our self and our surroundings are vital in practicing mindfulness. Rituals are an excellent way to accomplish these essential goals and insights.

All these elements lead to one of the most welcome benefits of rituals: diminishing anxiety. Practicing personal rituals can provide a renewed sense of control as opposed to the perception that life merely happens.

Create Your Personal Ritual

Like X marks the spot on the treasure map, establishing a personal ritual lays down a marker indicating a significant juncture in our daily life, across the seasons, and throughout the years.

A ritual can be simple and does not require elaborate trappings or bells and whistles. Purpose and design should permeate your rite as ways to slow time and take notice of your life.
This is mindfulness playing out in real-time.

The first thing you want to do is determine the reason for your ritual. Try to describe the purpose and intention of your routine in a single word. For instance, it might be about a new beginning, a personal goal, mindfulness, or wherever you wish to focus.

Secondly, you will want to consider those processes or actions you envision around this newly established intention. Maybe when you think of a new beginning, you think of Spring and its bounty. Feel free to get out-of-the-box creative with this aspect of your ritual.

Tools like mind maps and brainstorming with friends and colleagues can be helpful in these efforts.
Your ritual must be meaningful and authentically you.

Make sure your ritual is sustainable and one you can repeat daily, monthly, or whatever interval applies. Or, your practice can be a single event; your choice of timing can be as meaningful as your ceremony.

The place and time of your ritual should be void of the day-to-day pressures and demands. It can be constructive to separate yourself from these concerns by adopting a specific action like burning incense.

Bear Blends Ceremonial Herbs, and other beneficial herbal products like incense, are a fantastic way to establish this boundary. Not only do they provide a point of focus for your rite, but the calming, soothing effects that many Smokable Herbs provide will enhance your experience when performing your personal ritual.


Human rituals date back thousands of years, with the earliest example being the carving of a python in a Botswana, South Africa cave dating back some 70,000 years. These rituals arise from our beliefs, values, customs, and superstitions, helping to enhance community and foster cooperation around important elements of a society.

Personal rituals are equally abundant and vital for many of the same reasons, but on a more individual level. They help us remain in touch and present with our lives and focus on those things we value.

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