Graying Cannabis Culture Contains Many Risks

A recent federal survey reveals that marijuana use among over-65 Americans has risen to 32%; the 60-64 demographic reported over 50% are using cannabis products. It comes as no surprise that new research shows seniors being treated in emergency rooms for cannabis-related illnesses and injuries at a significantly high rate.

This is the same generation that grew up in the 1960s during the era of psychotropic experimentation. Those who once “tuned out and turned on” are now seeking better sleep and pain relief rather than a good high.

Although they are using cannabis to treat pain, arthritis, insomnia, anxiety, and depression, the user is often naïve as to the amount they can use without overdoing it. Potential adverse effects can arise due to the range of cannabinoids, dosing, ratios, and routes of ingestion.

A recent study by the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) shows that older adults are at a higher risk for adverse cannabis reactions due to physiological changes that make them more sensitive to psychoactive substances. It’s also possible that edibles and tinctures can counteract with their prescriptions.

The over-65 demographic taking five or more prescriptions a day is currently at 39% – which very closely compares to the cannabis use statistics. The conundrum now is to find a better solution for our aging population that won’t land them in the ER.

Other Options

Bear Blend Herbal blends include powerful ingredients that are beneficial to those with arthritis, chronic pain, insomnia, and depression – which makes them ideal for the older demographic. For those who cannot smoke due to COPD or emphysema, the blends can be used as a chew. We also offer blends in liquid form that can be mixed with a liquid.

Among the herbs used in our blends are many used for specific medical issues common among the elderly. Herbs with anti-inflammatory properties are blended with others that can soothe pain and calm anxiety.

Whether you are seeking a calming blend, a grounding mix, or a stimulating combination, Bear Blend has something for everyone. Some popular blends include Bear Blend Original, Dream Lodge, Ceremonial Blend, and Kin Nik Nik. Each blend features a unique combination of herbs, carefully balanced to promote relaxation, clarity, and a sense of well-being.

Some herbs have many different medicinal qualities and can be used for a myriad of illnesses. Calaums, Diamiana and Tarragon can all help with anxiety, arthritis, and insomnia.

Herbs such as Calendula, Catnip, Gotu Kola, Mullein and Lavender are natural anti-inflammatories.

Those suffering from depression, anxiety and dementia may benefit from Gingko Biloba, Motherwort, Passionflower, St. John’s Wort and Valerian.

The insomniac can find some degree of relief with herbal blends containing Motherwort and Mugwort.

There are several herbs that have been proven to help with specific issues. Cloves have antibacterial properties and help control diabetes. Holy basil helps those with diabetes, cancer and respiratory ailments.

Hops can aid in weight loss. Lobelia can improve blood flow. Marshmallow can treat bacterial infections and water retention. Peppermint – a natural astringent and antiseptic – can help athlete’s foot.

Raspberry leaf is useful for menstrual disorders, diarrhea and high blood sugar. Rose petals are used in many skin care products.

Skullcap and Uva-Ursi can remove toxins, and ease urinary tract infections. Wormwood is used for upset stomach, loss of appetite and treatment for Crohn’s.

The Bear Blend Zkittlez Hemp CBD Nugz is made from A-grade Full Spectrum18.8% CBD, with the tested legal limit of .03% THC. Hemp CBD Nugz are non-psychoactive and contain cannabinoids that can be extremely beneficial for a variety of ailments. With a rich flavor profile and high terpenes, they give you full body relaxation and can alleviate pain and many other stress-related conditions without getting you high.

Whether you choose the Hemp CBD Nugz or one of our other blends, you can feel good about finding relief from your ailments naturally – and safely.

Bear Blend is located in a USDA-certified organic facility in Southern California, and all products are handcrafted from biodynamic, fair trade, and USDA-certified organic herbs.



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