Mugwort has a wide range of uses and benefits that range from enhancing dreams to easing digestion. People have reported to have found help with insomnia by drinking mugwort tea. The herb is placed under pillows for astral traveling and fanciful dreams and may be smoked or drunk as a tea at night to induce colorful and lucid dreaming. In general people report a dreamy, relaxed effect when smoking mugwort.

As a tea, it is used to help with digestion and relax the nervous system. Mugwort is smoked for pain relief and is commonly mixed with other herbs to ease side effects of smoking. It was known as ‘Sailor’s Tobacco’ in early days as it was an inexpensive smoking alternative for men at sea.mugwort2010-06-20

People have said to place some Mugwort in your shoes for an ease in your step and actually as early as Roman times, soldier reported to have placed mugwort in their sandals helped them march an extra 10 miles without discomfort.

For women, Mugwort is used to stimulate and ease menstruation and ease cramping.
NOTICE: I’ve read that pregnant women should keep clear of mugwort as it relaxes the uterus, so please consult a doctor or herbal specialist before ingesting any herbs. And with using any herbs for medicinal purposes, please consult a professional.

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