Herbalists have a high regard for the soothing properties of passionflower and recommend it as a general nerve tonic to treat nervous stress. It is known to give a general feeling of mellowness.

Passionflower is a climbing vine native to the southern Americas. Its name comes from Spanish explorers who believed the flowers represented the Crucifixion, or Passion of Christ. The herb seems to live up to its name today: a plant that provides overflowing goodness for your mind and body.

Passion flower leaves were used in Native American medicine to heal bruises and cuts. The Peruvians used the flower as a sedative. Once it spread to Europe, it was used to treat restlessness and agitation, along with other ailments like indigestion and seizures. Today, it’s commonly used to treat anxiety, stress, insomnia, stomach problems & as a sleep aid.
People report that it soothes their mind.

Passionflower can be brewed into teas, made into tinctures, encapsulated or smoked.
Always check with a physician first if you’re pregnant or attempting to heal a serious illness

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