Your Biggest Hurdle to Quit Smoking May Not Be Nicotine

by Sep 8, 2023Bear Blog, Smoke Signals0 comments

Your Biggest Hurdle to Quit Smoking May Not Be Nicotine

by Sep 8, 2023Bear Blog, Smoke Signals0 comments

Your Biggest Hurdle to Quit Smoking May Not Be Nicotine

Without a doubt, trying to quit smoking can be one of the hardest things you ever do. Nicotine’s addictive properties are no secret and pose some of the most significant challenges to dropping the habit.

We know this fact is true for every tobacco smoker on Earth; other factors can make quitting equally difficult, if not more so.

Nicotine’s Grip

Always a jealous master, nicotine is a relentless stalker that starts to drag you back with its insidious cravings only moments after you try to leave. The long list of hellish symptoms, like irritability and cravings, that nicotine

withdrawal brings to your life is something you probably already know all too well.

Typically, nicotine withdrawal symptoms start to decrease after only three days to a week, but they can last longer in some instances. The crushing weight of these symptoms causes far too many to give up their goal of quitting tobacco.

Every hour after quitting, your nicotine levels steadily decrease; after a few days or a week, you are essentially nicotine-free. But something else still has its icy grip around your chest, trying to squeeze you into submission: Nicotine’s Enforcer.

It turns out there is a third player in this fight, and he’s been along for the ride from the beginning, working silently and taking you over – The Habit.

Now, the struggle is genuinely personal.
For any smoker to successfully become a non-smoker, they must first have the desire to quit and commit to their decision; Even then, quitting is difficult. 
But I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, 

The Final Decision

So, this is where my story starts. After partaking for over 20 years, smoking became unenjoyable, and I was ready to quit. I knew after a few days the nicotine issue would be behind me, so I didn’t see any sense in nicotine replacement strategies.

My mortal enemy, The Enforcer, was my final hurdle in this fight.

The habit, the act of smoking, that hand-to-mouth thing, was something to do and my most significant barrier to stopping tobacco.

I don’t put much stock in willpower; it’s something we use until we are ready to make a decision. My decision was absolute; from that moment forward, “I am a non-smoker.”

Twelve years later, I can see that nicotine and its icy grip were not my biggest challenge to leaving that nasty habit. My battle with The Enforcer was long and arduous but worth every moment.

The Herbal Strategy

I wish I was more aware of the herbal options during my struggle with quitting tobacco. One of the best ways to ease your way into the world of non-smokers is to make that shift with an alternative like herbal cigarettes. 

After discovering Bear Blend and its unique products, I realized just how beneficial they can be for quitting tobacco.

Smoking lavender, sage, rose petals and many more offer a pleasant, uplifting alternative that satisfies The Enforcer, allowing you to wean comfortably off tobacco. You can mix Bear Blend’s herbal offerings with tobacco or cannabis to minimize your usage or switch entirely to Bear Blend and never look back.


Making the decision to stop smoking is necessary to succeed. A wholehearted commitment is also essential to overcome all the barriers of nicotine withdrawal and the habits it creates. Breaking the hand-to-mouth habit can be as imposing as the physical symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.

At Bear Blend, we understand this reality and the tremendous weight people must endure to break through to the other side as a non-smoker. Each of our products contain the freshest herbs carefully sourced and chosen for their exceptional quality.

Since herbs are not habit-forming or addictive, they can be beneficial for people quitting more addictive substances like tobacco and cannabis.
Plus, herbs smell so much better than tobacco.

Bear Blend offers only the highest quality herbs, perfectly blended for optimal results and enjoyment. Plus, we give you several ways to enjoy your herbs:

It’s all here at Bear Blend, everything you need to learn about, explore, and discover the fantastic world of smokable herbs. Whether you are trying to leave tobacco in the past, want that edgy, hip look when you are out clubbing, or as an aid to meditation and centering your spirit, you will find everything you need and more at Bear Blend.

Randy Wilson

Randy Wilson

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