Our 100% Certified Organic Liquid Herbz are 100% VG (Vegetable Glycerine) Base with our special blend of herbs and organic flavoring. The eLiquid contains absolutely no synthetic chemicals or PG (Propylene Glycol).


Herbs have been used for centuries in ceremonies and rituals and as a way to connect to the spirit and the moment. While we do not claim any effects (medicinal or psychological) from our herbal eLiquids, many of our customers have reported calming and relaxing effects from the herbal vape juice. Please let us know your experiences and remember to celebrate wisely.


Our vape juice works with most of the mods and vaporizers on the market, but the settings have to be at a lower heat. Because Liquid Herbz contain herbs and pure extracted flavorings, they are more delicate and subject to burning. It needs a clearomizer with a bottom coil at approximately 2.5 ohms. If you need a simple unit, the vaporizer we recommend is the Kangertech EVOD with a 2.5 ohm coil. This vaporizer combination gives a beautiful result with our juice, is very affordable, and user friendly.

While it vapes smoother with thicker clouds, the more viscous VG can quickly build up on coils, wicks and other components, so more frequent cleaning is required. Please be aware that VG-based liquids won’t work well at all with some older clearomizers with small coils. Many vapers prefer to use VG liquid with rebuildable atomizers for that reason. 


Liquid Herbz are best vaped at 37 to 40 Watts.


Propylene Glycol: PG is a thin, non-toxic synthetic liquid which has no natural flavor so it’s better at carrying the flavors added to e-juice, and has a longer shelf life because of its non-natural ingredients. It carries a stronger throat hit (a major reason why vapers occasionally experience throat irritation). However, its higher temperature resistance means higher voltages are required to create vapor, so there’s often less vapor on the inhale, thinner clouds on the exhale, and the possibility of a burnt taste if the vaporizer’s voltage isn’t regulated properly. We do not use or recommend the use of PG because it is not approved as an organic ingredient under the USDA national organic program.

Vegetable Glycerin: VG is a thicker, natural substance with a naturally sweet flavor, which has a shorter shelf life due to its organic nature. When used as a base for e-liquid it creates a lot more vapor with less of a throat hit than PG; that means a smoother inhale and the huge clouds many vapers love to exhale while doing tricks or cloud chasing.

If you mix your own e-liquid, of course, you have the ultimate control. While we do not recommend PG, you may find that certain PG/VG ratios work best with your vaporizer and that different ratios are preferable for different families of flavors. You are free to experiment with blending your PG based blends with our Liquid Herbz. And please let us know what works best for you so we can share that with our other customers.

The best approach when trying different PG/VG ratios is to start with either 70/30 or 50/50 as a baseline, and then go from there.

Here is an idea of different PG/VG ratios and their possible effects:

100% VG (Max VG): There are two primary reasons to choose 100% VG – an allergy to PG or competitive cloud chasing. There’s almost no throat hit, and the sweet VG definitely alters other flavors in addition to creating an equipment maintenance issue.

80% VG/20% PG: (80/20) There’s very little throat hit but lots of thick vapor with this ratio; the sweetness of the VG really starts to affect the flavor at this level. This is also where the high VG content can really start to wreak havoc with gunk on the coils and wicks.

70% VG/30% PG: (70/30) This is the best level for those who are interested in lots of vapor but still want to notice at least a little throat hit as well. 30/70 produces a smooth feeling that doesn’t overpower them when inhaling, and big clouds when exhaling. It’s the spot where most people feel they get the best of both worlds.

50% VG/50% PG: (50/50) As we’ve mentioned, this is a good starting point for experimentation. There are quality exhales along with a perceptible, but not strong, bite on the inhale. Once, was the industry standard, but now 70/30 seems to be the norm.

20% PG/80% VG: (20/80) This mix incrementally increases vapor production while slightly decreasing the throat hit delivered.

100% PG (Max PG): Once quite common but not as popular anymore, e-juice with a 100% propylene glycol base has the strongest throat hit and best delivery of most flavors. However, the amount of vapor produced is noticeably less than with e-liquid that has a significant amount of vegetable glycerin.

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