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Each tin comes witht 14 grams of Marshmallow leaf.

Marshmallow is a smokable herb that has been used in traditional medicine since the days of ancient Greece.  The herb produces a fragrant smoke that’s dreamfully soothing to the lungs, softening and moisturizing dry air passageways.  Due to its terpenoids, this smokable herb is considered gently psychoactive with a mild buzz.  Flavor up your Ganja by adding in some Marshmallow to your smoke.

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1 review for Marshmallow — Smokable Herbs

  1. Arick Bleich (verified owner)

    No one’s left a review on this?

    It’s great. I think the “slippery” nickname comes from the feeling you get on your tongue. I’m mixing about a 3:2 ratio of marshmallow and ganja. It definitely has a taste to it that will strike you as foreign when mixed, and the smoke has a bit of a throat hit (no doubt perfect for weening off tobacco), and a mildly sweet aroma. Tastes better on the exhale than the inhale, in my opinion. Doesn’t cut into the THC buzz at all, either.

    Also, it’s great in chamomile tea with a bit of honey; you don’t HAVE to smoke it.

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