Bear Blends’ Ceremonial Extras Complete Your Experience

by Oct 5, 2023Smoke Signals0 comments

Bear Blends’ Ceremonial Extras Complete Your Experience

by Oct 5, 2023Smoke Signals0 comments

Bear Blends’ Ceremonial Extras Complete Your Experience

If you enjoy smokable herbs, you will love Bear Blends’ curated selection of accessible, unique, and functional extras. These Ceremonial Extras help make using your herbs easier and more enjoyable.

With such a wide selection and different types of merch, we should probably get started.

Rolling Along

Bear Blends’ additive-free herbal cigarettes are exceptionally popular, but maybe you fancy yourself an expert at rolling, or perhaps you might need a little help. Whether you like rolling one of our many Ceremonial Blends or opt for crafting your personal selection, you will find everything you need to roll ’em in our selection of ceremonial extras.

Our white Bear Claw Tin is ideal for protecting your freshly crafted smokes when you are out and about. But first, you need to roll them, and Bear Blends has it all, from papers to filters and rolling machines.

Your best choice might be the Smoker’s Essential Kit, which comes with everything you need. You will receive a classic-size RAW rolling machine, one package each of RAW rolling papers and tips, hemp wit, and a white Bear Claw Tin to round things out.

Herbal Ambience

Smoking herbs is one option. Another is enjoying the fragrant atmosphere they can produce with smudge bowls and incense. Throughout the ages, people across the globe have been enjoying the healthy properties and comforting aromas of herbal smoke through the use of smudge goals and incense.

This form of herbal enjoyment is familiar to numerous cultures and has significance in cultural and religious ceremonies. Many of these ancient practices continue today in various societies and institutions.

Handmade in Nepal and crafted from high Himalayan herbs, our Sandalwood Rope Incense and Burner is an excellent choice for beginning your incense experience. You can also choose our unique Palo Santo Bundle (a mystical coastal South American tree in the frankincense family) or handcrafted White Sage, a sacred plant for Native Americans.

Smudge bowls are a traditional method for enjoying herbal smoke, similar to burning incense. This natural Abalone Shell makes a beautiful smudge bowl with its natural form and raw appearance.

Get in Gear

Make your Bear Blends experience complete with some of our Chic and attractive gear. You can select from the basic short-sleeved ring-spun cotton/polyester unisex T-shirt or our more sustainable viscose hemp/ring-spun cotton offerings like these:

Bear Blends Logo

Geometric Bear

Herbal Bear Claw

Then, you can top it off with a handsome Bear Claw Embroidered Hat available in four different color options. It is crafted from high-quality wool, polyester, and cotton and expertly finished for a stylish accessory to complement your Bear Blends ensemble.

There’s more, but we want to leave some for you to discover.

Get Yours Today!

With our vast inventory of SmokableHerbs, nicotine and additive-free Herbal CigarettesHerbal Chew, and Liquid Herbz, we only have so much room for some of these extras. Avoid supply chain issues and the inconvenience of not having what you need for your smokable herbs, and shop for your favorites today.



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