Herbs, and More Herbs: What More Could You Ask for?

by Sep 15, 2023Herbs, Smoke Signals0 comments

Herbs, and More Herbs: What More Could You Ask for?

by Sep 15, 2023Herbs, Smoke Signals0 comments

Herbs, and More Herbs: What More Could You Ask for?

Life is full of little moments.

At times, these moments are tranquil, allowing for reflection and anticipation. These times are an opportunity to be fully present, and we want to take full advantage of that gift.

For many like yourself, herbal smoke can be a talisman that helps us focus on this essential practice. Often, these moments call for an atmosphere, indirect smoke like a smudge bowl or incense.

Other moments are more dynamic, energetic, and frequently social. Smokable herbs are suitable for social situations like cafés, bars, and parties.

Herbal cigarettes are becoming ever more popular in these situations because they are chic, trendy, and smell one hell of a lot better than tobacco.

The Herbal Wonders at Bear Blends

Making high-quality, smokable herbs accessible and readily available for everyone is our passion at Bear Blends. Just like you, we enjoy our herbs in various venues and all those special moments in life.

Fortunately for you, our passion drives us to create blends and products in a variety that has something for every person and situation. This article will highlight the vast array of options you will enjoy at Bear Blends.

Herbal Cigarettes

Whether you merely want to enjoy a smoke or you are trying to quit tobacco, our herbal cigarettes are nicotine and additive-free with 100% natural hemp (0% THC or CBD) paper and filter. And, with six distinctive blends from which to choose, there is something for everyone.

Over 20 years ago, our most aromatic, floral offering, Bear Blends Original herbal cigarettes, hit the market. It’s soothing and relaxing, will help you center yourself, and is among our most popular herbal cigarette blends.

Other choices range from Mintz to Sharman blends for various flavors and sensations to fit virtually any situation.

But maybe you would rather not have your herbal smoke filtered. Perhaps you are more fond of a hand-rolled, full-flavored experience. Bear Blends has you covered with our Rolliez line, which is available in the same variety of flavors.

Smokable Herbs

Can you smoke lavender? What about roses? Can you smoke rose petals?

Yes, and yes, lavender is a classic example of smokable herbs having a long history and providing comfort throughout the ages. Similarly, rose petals are eternally famous for their fragrance and relaxing nature.

Bear Blends offers an assortment of 11 individual smokable herbs for your enjoyment. They provide unique benefits and fragrances in a smudge bowl or your pipe. You may also want to explore different combinations and create your own personal blends.

Choose your favorites from Mugwort to Lobelia, or save some cash and get all 11 in our Herbalicious set. Whatever you choose, you can be confident in the quality and consistency of each product.

Want to Ditch the Smoke?

If smoke is not your bag, Bear Blends also makes some fantastic organic herbal elixirs in our Liquid Herbz line of products. Our liquid offerings are smooth, aromatic blends of 100% USDA-certified organic flowers, herbs, and glycerin for drinking and vaping.

Choose from flavors like Amazon Clove and Vision Citrus, or save more money and buy all seven in our Flower of Life package.

Ceremonial Blends

Like our loose herbs, we offer all our blends loose and in tins, ready to use in your pipe or smudge bowl. You can also brew these for a flavorful and pleasant herbal beverage, hot or cold. These can be the perfect way to start or end your day and make a refreshing option to the typical choices.

You can select any of our blends individually or make the economical move and opt for our Flower of Life Ceremonial Blend combo.

Chew on This

Another unique option for those wishing to avoid smoke is Bear Blends’ certified organic Herbal Chew. Like all our product lines, our Herbal Chew is available in all seven Ceremonial Blends.

Our chew is an edible, condensed form of our loose blends; no need to spit them out. Rather than an option to tobacco chew, consider our version an herbal candy for people who like to chew.

But Wait, There’s More

The Hemp Flower group is our most unique line of products, with CBD pre-rolls, herbal blends, and tinctures. With minimal trace amounts of THC and 18% CBD by volume, these beds won’t get you high, but they can alleviate pain, mitigate stress, and provide total body relaxation.


However you wish to enjoy your herbs, Bear Blends has the ideal answer with products to fit every setting and desire. We invite you to explore the many details and the choices we highlight in this article.

Find your favorites, make your own blends, take time each day to be present at that moment, and ground yourself to take on the world with your favorite Bear Blends smokable herbs.


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Randy Wilson

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