Pass It On… Share Your Story — How Have Herbs Changed Your Life?

by May 3, 2019Smoke Signals0 comments

Pass It On… Share Your Story — How Have Herbs Changed Your Life?

by May 3, 2019Smoke Signals0 comments

Want to Share Your Story How Herbs Changed Your Life?  Pass It On

Do you have a story how herbs improved your life?  We’re curious — we’re listening. 

Pass it on.  The lyrics of Bob Marley can be pretty intoxicating.  Breathe them in as deep as you can.

Do you have a story how herbs changed your life?  We’re curious.

Maybe herbs helped get you out of the funk of depression, get off pain meds, quit smoking tobacco, or overcome insomnia and sleeplessness to dream lucid R.E.M. sleep so deep it’s like swimming into the Milky Way on scuba frog flippers?

Be not selfish in your doings

Pass it on

Help your brothers in their needs

Pass it on.

Bob Marley

On a hot, sunny day

Follow the shadows for rescue

But as the day grows old

I know the sun is gonna find you.

Bob Marley

We know you do.  We hear stories all the time.  You write us.  Call us.  Facebook us in the middle of the night — tell us how herbs helped ease your muscle pain, gain an upper hand on anxiety — rediscover the beauty of life.

Pass it on — it’s powerful stuff.  And it feels awesome, knowing these plants and herbs from the Earth are helping people reclaim their lives.  Our passion is herbs and their medicinal healing benefits.



Like Water — the Herbal Path of Least Resistance

Ground down to the stem, in piles of powdery shake in the center of a Frisbee — the Herbal Path of Least Resistance embodies the soul of water.

The Herbal Path of Least Resistance understands: why go up — when you can just flow downhill?

Flow is the operative verb here.  Resistance is minimal; gravity is trajectory.  Nature propels prolifically.

Natural flow encompasses the Herbal Path of Least Resistance. Plants have it — as do humans, if we follow our hearts.


You see, there is a natural synergy that exists between humans and plants.   

Humanity shares biology with plants that bind us to the Earth— to the soil and sky.  Fundamentally, we need plants to exist.  We breathe in the oxygen they create, eat them and chew their nutrients into our bodies.  We rely and thrive on plants — we are plants.  

Sure, it sounds a little bit like misty mysticism.  But it’s true when you think about it.  Plants are healing medicine that can revive our will to thrive again.


Herbal Communion — a 200,000+ Year Old Tradition

Plants nurture us, heal us, sustain us, and protect us, as Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham points out.  We have a more intimate relationship with plants than anything but water and air.  And through plants — we ingest water, air, and soil.  Plants are our communal sacrament with nature.  They are good for us because they are us.

Got a cold?  Drink lots of ginger and peppermint tea; burn out the fever chills on chiles hotter than Hades.  Eat garlic like it’s a full moon and the neighbors howl like werewolves.

It works.  Humans have been doing this stuff intimately for over 200,000 years.  Plants are the basis of civilization — why we’ve been able to build societies, learned to read and write, plug in to the soundboard of global culture — manage to Netflix and chill.

Because after all, nature is part magician, part engineer.  Over the course of time, plants have developed compounds that protect against disease and death.  Those same compounds protect us.  It’s symbiotic biology striving to keep us alive.



An Herbal Calling


Here at Bear Blend, we love what we do.  Our passion is to share the sustenance of nature — grind it, pack it, pass it — so others can experience and appreciate the relaxing, healthful benefits of all the Earth has to give us.

Herbs have helped countless people in so many ways — from healing, to smoking cessation, to spiritual awakening to alleviating addiction.  We feel our product is on the cusp of an awakening.  People are moving away from chemicals and synthetics, back to the Earth, back to our organic and natural heritage — where we came from and where we will return.  Our products embrace an ancient practice of herbal ceremony — a celebration of life and nature through ritual.

We love sharing herbs like Valerian, which was historically prescribed by the Ancient Greek physician Galen for insomnia and by 16th century Pilgrims to ease digestion in sick women.  Mugwort, beyond being an incredible herb for bringing vivid dreams, was worn in a girdle by John the Baptist for protection in the wilderness.  And Motherwort — used to treat insomnia, anxiety, and to lower blood pressure.  And let’s not forget Damiana — the Mayan aphrodisiac that doubles as an antidepressant.  Love is such a happy drug.

The list goes on an on. Every forest, backyard, and highway ditch is a thriving cornucopia of easy-to-miss herbal medicines just waiting to be picked.  Put that in your pipe, your tea ball, or your tincture — and enjoy it.


Live Your Self for Others

We couldn’t agree more that that Rasta philosophy of cooperative community.  We would love to hear your story — how herbs have changed your life — cured what ailed you.

If you’d be kind enough to let us publish your story on our blog, we would love to pass on a free tin of your choice of Bear Blend herbs.

We’re curious — we’re listening.  Share your story in the comments.  If we like your story — if it’s genuine and from the heart — then we’ll get back to you with details on how we’ll expand your story into a blog, Facebook post, or video.

Until next time, pass it on. Be happy and thrive.

Mathew Gallagher

Mathew Gallagher

Wordsmith Specialist

A freelance writer for hire, Matt Gallagher is the face and voice behind Web Copy Magician. He enjoys Bear Blend as a tea to spiritually reconnect with nature and the therapeutic wonders of chlorophyll.



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