Rainbow Connection: Synchronicity & the Rhythms That Inspire Bear Blend

by Apr 14, 2021Smoke Signals0 comments

Rainbow Connection: Synchronicity & the Rhythms That Inspire Bear Blend

by Apr 14, 2021Smoke Signals0 comments

Close your eyes.  Dig down in, deep inside.

We’ll wait.

Be your mind: Are you spiraling down a rainbow waterslide, cascading along that DNA double helix to the wonder-gasm at the brain base of your spine?

If not, you’re doing it wrong. And by “it,” we mean life. Carpe diem, Dude — what the hell are you waiting for? We’re all going to die soon; no one gets out of here alive. 

Take a deep breath — listen closer. Crank up the volume (way past 11) on the breath beneath your breath. Can’t you hear Willie Nelson cover-crooning Kermit  — transcending “so many songs about rainbows and what’s on the other side?”

Because in all bare bones reality, you’re full of it. And by “it,” this time we mean rainbows. At Bear Blend, we know you’re so freaking full of rainbows the flaming bridge of Bifröst shines out your ass. What can we say — we believe in you.

Smoking the Rainbow Cosmos

At Bear Blend, you know we’re into herbs. We live them, breathe them, smoke them. But we’re super into rainbows. And when you think about it, herbs and rainbows are really not all that different. Both are synthesized sunlight, reshaped, reborn into reincarnated crystal. Because without sunshine, there are no herbs — there are no rainbows. All that’s left is death and the IRS. Killing me softly.

Like herbal blends, rainbows are some seriously trippy shit. They are crystallized synchronicity — every elemental drop fulfilling its true color and form. Because that’s what we’re all about: the freedom to be, to live your purpose and rediscover your genuine nature. We all are exactly who we are, each of us a spectrum in the Rainbow Cosmos — and that’s a beautiful thing. 

Think like a rainbow: Turn rain into color; be Here now.  We’re building an Ark.


Rainbow Science: Raindrop Synchronicity

But what the hell is a rainbow anyway? 

Scientifically speaking, a rainbow is a cluster of raindrops — it’s essentially reflected light. But light’s white, right? So why aren’t rainbows whiter than Portland, Oregon

While pure sunlight may appear white, it actually consists of all visible colors. When sunlight strikes a water droplet, the colors fan out and become visible as a spectrum, all the shades of the color wheel reflected back at you. But you don’t see white because each color reflects at its own angle so that only one color of each droplet can be seen. You see red droplets higher in the sky, orange slightly lower — each color of light reflected back at its corresponding angle.

Or as Radiohead sings: “Everything in its right place.” Yesterday you woke up sucking lemon. Or maybe another Radiohead classic, In Rainbows: “Forget about your house of cards….”

Like we said, rainbows are orchestrated synchronicity — all the colors of the universe perfectly aligned in harmony.

Kinda like life in those majestic moments when everything comes together and you can see God staring back at you (or Jehova, Gaia, VishnuShivaKrishna and the Hindu All Stars — whatever, a rose is a rose.)

We’ve all been there, when time crystalizes and follows a rhythm of perfect synchronicity. When this happens, it’s a beautiful thing. There’s no judgement — only perfect harmony, nothing to do but be. Like when you sit down to a tin of herbs, offer a puff to the Great Spirit, and breathe in the perfectness of a moment. Time in perfect synchronicity, when the weight of the world dissolves and you become your perfect self.

Birthing the Dream Lodge

It’s those moments of meaning and purpose weaved into one that drive and inspire us. Like the Dream Lodge — our peaceful, dreamy herbal smoking blend inspired by an actual house of circus crazed hippies getting their freak on in Mt. Shasta, California. The Dream Lodge was a three-month house party in the mountains. And it all came together through a series of miracles of synchronicity, each piece weaved into a tapestry of wonder like a Roy G. Biv rainbow stairway to the sky.

A million moons ago, our Founder Tony Bear was partying at a house in San Francisco — serving as an ambassador guide introducing each soul who walked through the door to the tastes and wonders within. Care for some wine, beer, elliptical sacrament? It’s a party — welcome and have some!

Suddenly a wolf walked in through the door, or rather a huge dog that looked like a wolf straight out of a German fairy tale. She was followed by her embarrassed owner: “Sorry, my dog just kinda wandered into your house…”

The wolf’s owner announced his name was Michael, whom we christened the Angel Michael. And soaked through our gourds as we were, we declared we needed to go to Mt. Shasta, tonight. Have Spirit — will follow.

And out of the blue wonder, Michael the Angel said he knew a guy with a place in Mt. Shasta that needed a housesit. And just like that, the stars aligned — we developed what became the Dream Lodge, not just a relaxing Bear Blend but also an epic 3 month rocketship shindig in the wilderness mountains complete with a hot tub and all the fairy dust you could eat. Trance dancing hippies licking the moon like a slice of golden orange. Gotta love California. 

We had a Counsel with beautiful views of the mountain. We got snowed in and evolved, souls communed and aligned, the colossal Cosmic caboodle noodle — gongs, prayer bowls, the didgeridoo of the soul. The Dream Lodge is still whispered and talked about in those California mountains, like the abominable Yeti or Jerry’s phone number on a long lost flier slinging guitar lessons: 323-9263, $5. You had to be there to know, but it was a spiritually-charged, magical time, the stuff of legends.

Open Wide & Say Ohm…

Openness and wonder. Did you know without the ground, a rainbow would actually be a circle? A rainbow forms on the antisolar point, the point directly opposite the sun, from your own personal perspective. The lower half of the circle is typically swallowed by the dirt of the earth.

But if you see a rainbow from the right vantage point of an airplane or a deep canyon, it’s a concentric circle, like the sky saying “wow” in all the colors of the Cosmos.

At Bear Blend, we’re inspired by rainbows as a guiding philosophy. We don’t believe the world is out to get you. Kindness is more natural than hate. After all, hate is dogma; kindness is instinct. Kindness is a rainbow, perfect synchronicity in its right place, like an ohm of spectral light seen from an aerial perspective on the horizon.

We’re open to all colors and walks of life; we assume no judgement. We accept all points of view: You be you. Follow your heart. We trust the Spirit will guide you in the right direction, perhaps straight through a rainbow portal on freedom wings to a pot of gold at the end of a leprechaun orgy. Hey, dreamers can dream, right?

Dream big; dream high — be exactly who you are in this cosmic spectrum of the universe. Blend with the herbs, the air, and the rainbow ohm at the end of the rainstorm. Take your breath as gratitude and give it to the sky. Be free, breathe, and just be: Say hi to the you in the back of your mind. Seize the Diem — what a way to start the day…

Mathew Gallagher

Mathew Gallagher

Wordsmith Specialist

A freelance writer for hire, Matt Gallagher is the face and voice behind Web Copy Magician. He enjoys Bear Blend as a tea to spiritually reconnect with nature and the therapeutic wonders of chlorophyll.



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