Smoke the Peace Pipe — Now More Than Ever

Jun 9, 2020Smoke Signals0 comments

Smoke the Peace Pipe — Now More Than Ever

Jun 9, 2020Smoke Signals0 comments

“The Pipe is us!  The stem is our backbone, the bowl our head, the stone our blood… The opening in the bowl is our mouth, and the smoke rising from it, is our breath, the visible breath of our people.  All of the Great Spirit’s Creation, the whole universe, is in the Pipe.  All of us are in that Pipe in the moment of prayer.   I realized that the glow in the Pipe was the sacred fire that is in the Sun.  I knew that in this Pipe all small things were fused into one, making an entirety.” 

 Sioux Medicine Man

Peace pipes are among the most sacred Native American objects used in ceremonies.  It is believed, the more decorated the pipe, the stronger its power.

To make peace with other tribes, Sioux Chieftans brought out their peace pipe.  The pipe was usually handed to the Chief of the enemy tribe first, and then it was smoked by all the leaders of both tribes.

To all the Peacekeepers and Activists on the front lines:


We thank you for promoting equality and freedom.  All of our ancestors and spiritual elders are standing with you — your next peace pipe is on us.

Send us a photo of yourself peacefully protesting on the front lines and get a free tin of ceremonial herbs.

Let the herbs carry our prayers.

Thank you to everyone supporting peace in this difficult and painful time.  By taking a stand you are contributing to the vision of a better future — a future of equality, justice and peace.

Together we stand in solidarity for this cause.

Yeimary in Arecibo, Puerto Rico

and we will all fight for a better and loving world.

Thank you for the opportunity to enjoy your product and have a day of relaxation and less anxiety.”

Yeimy and Yeirelis in Arecibo, Puerto Rico

So great of you for supporting us. If we stand united the world would be a better place. I can’t wait to try your product. Probably, something that helps me sleep and totally relax.

I was also part of defending and undertaking love to the world.  I also wanted to be part of the bear blend tribe and start a change and join the movement to bring peace and love in the world we are in.

Kevin in Fort Worth, TX


Janet in Willits, CA

My son and I attended a peaceful protest last weekend. It was nice to be surrounded by like minded people. Everyone was peaceful and helpful. We even had people stop and drop off water! Very proud of the community I live in.”

Marci in Seattle, WA

Peace and love to all!  Have been wanting to try your blend!  Looking for an alternative!  Would love a tin!!  Stay high vibe.”


Aho Mitakuye Oyasin






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