Using Aids to Quit Smoking

by Sep 29, 2023Smoke Signals0 comments

Using Aids to Quit Smoking

by Sep 29, 2023Smoke Signals0 comments

Using aids to quit smoking, such as nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs) or prescription medications, can offer several advantages compared to quitting “cold turkey” without any assistance. Here are some reasons why using aids might be a better approach for some individuals.

Reduced Withdrawal Symptoms:

Nicotine is a highly addictive stimulant drug that tends to be the main ingredient in most tobacco products. Nicotine chemically alters the brain’s messaging system and how it communicates with the body. Nicotine not only creates long-term damage in the brain but also in the body. It can be linked to many medical issues like aneurysms, coronary heart disease, diabetes, fertility and pregnancy issues, and cancer – just to name a few. Since nicotine is so powerful within the body, it makes perfect sense that removing it will cause an unsatisfactory reaction as the body learns to cope without it. This is why most individuals who quit smoking experience symptoms of withdrawal. These symptoms can affect the body in the form of cravings, stomach issues, weight gain, shakiness, and pain. Withdrawal symptoms in the brain can be irritability, anxiety, depression, sleep issues, headaches, and difficulty concentrating.

Though it’s not always possible to avoid withdrawal symptoms altogether, quitting smoking cold turkey increases the chances of withdrawal symptoms as well as the intensity of them. This is due to the body going into a sort of “shock” at the sudden loss of the drug in its system. Like most other drugs, it’s safer and more comfortable to slowly quit smoking and/or use replacement aids that will slowly wean your body off the drug and make the withdrawal symptoms much more manageable.

Increased Success Rate:

Studies have shown that using aids to quit smoking can significantly increase the chances of successfully quitting compared to attempting to quit without assistance. NRTs and prescription medications can double or even triple the likelihood of quitting successfully.

By gradually decreasing the nicotine in your body, you allow for an easier adjustment period. This lowers the intensity of withdrawal symptoms, creating a more positive experience. With the experience being better, the risk of relapse is lowered. Another reason why the risk of relapse is lowered for people who don’t quit cold turkey is because of the time it takes to be nicotine and withdrawal-free. It’s much easier to say “Oh, I’ll just smoke a pack and then quit again” when quitting was as quick as a snap of your fingers. When the process of quitting is longer, you have more respect for the process and don’t want to have to repeat it, increasing your chance of avoiding relapse. 

Studies have proven this, showing that people who quit smoking cold turkey are substantially less likely to stay smoke-free. According to research performed by Taylor Hays through the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, only 3-5% of people who quit smoking cold turkey will still be smoke-free after 6 months. Of course, this means that it’s not impossible to accomplish, but it’s extremely hard and much less comfortable.

Personalized Approaches:

When using aids to quit instead of going cold turkey, you have the advantage of catering to your personal needs and factoring in what works best for you. Many different approaches can be taken to quitting, and not each approach works for each person. Some find great success with aids like nicotine patches, gum, or inhalers. Others find better success with prescription medication that targets the withdrawal symptoms but doesn’t provide them with any nicotine. Some use psychological or professional guidance to manage cravings and emotional distress caused by the withdrawal. One approach that’s rapidly growing in popularity is the use of herbal cigarettes. 

The best part of being able to personalize your approach? You can combine methods until you find what works best for you!

Herbal Cigarettes:

Since the usage of these is currently a popular method for quitting, let’s dive a little deeper into what herbal cigarettes are and how they help. 

The use of herbal cigarettes dates back to ancient traditions, often used in ceremonies and rituals. Today, these cigarettes are rolled with dry herbs and are nicotine-free, allowing you to enjoy the act of smoking without worrying about the damage a regular cigarette would cause. These cigarettes can be a very effective mental tool, giving your body something to do when you’re craving a cigarette while also allowing your brain to register the hand-to-mouth movements it associates with regular cigarettes. They can also act in similar ways to psychological help or prescription medication, as the herbs used in blended herbal cigarettes can have relaxing effects on the mind and body. 

One of the most successful uses of herbal cigarettes as an aid to quitting smoking is to mix an herbal blend with your tobacco and smoke the combination. Then, over time, slowly use less tobacco until your cigarettes are tobacco-free and 100% herbal. Once you’ve reached this stage, you can enjoy your herbal cigarettes with a wide variety of ceremonial herbal blends guilt-free with them helping you curb any lingering withdrawal symptoms. 

To find out more about herbal cigarettes and explore what blends are out there for you to enjoy, visit Bear Blend and get started on your journey to a healthier, happier you!



Zach Richter

Zach Richter

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