This company is phenomenal and put extra love into their products. My first time buying from here (I bought 2 loose herb trifectas) and I will definitely be continuing to purchase in the future. Thank you so much for the amazing customer service and fast delivery.



5/5 all the way around, although my favorites are Dream Lodge & Moon (couldn’t decide between the two, although they’re ALL really amazing!)



Tried the Trileptal with Original, Moon, and Dream blends. They are all excellent smokes. As a non-tobacco pipe smoker I was searching for a pleasant tasting smoke with a pleasing aroma. These definitely fit the bill.
A properly packed pipe with one of these blends will last a good 45 min to an hour long smoking session. Pace yourself though, they are very dry so they can overheat your pipe if puffed too frequently.
They burn cleanly to a fine white ash and don’t foul the pipe with excess tar like some other brands I’ve tried.
Will buy again.



They are so relaxing and a great alternative to many options! In love!

Alexandra Ayala


Great alternative to nicotine. Relaxing blends overall. Can also help with insomnia and anxiety.



My husband and I have been using for a month so far, and we are super satisfied! We have tried 6 different blends and all of them are great! My husbands favorite is Mintz and I love Vizion. Mintz has nice minty taste but not that strong, vizion is smooth compared to other blends.



The absolute best herbal cigarettes money can buy!! Dream lodges helps my fiancé get a good night sleep and he suffers from sleep apnea a lot!



In a few words, these are the best herbal cigarettes in the world! I got them for my fiancé who is currently struggling anxiety & sleep apnea and Dream lodge has helped so much! His personal favorite currently is Kin nik nik! They are so amazing, I can’t wait to keep buying him more this is our 3rd time !





I actually tried multi product but I don’t see an option to review the loose leaf stuff. I got the 3 pack including Kin Nik, Dream and Moon.
Very smooth. I fill up my room with a nice cloud of Dream and it’s actually helped me to dream, something I hardly ever do.
10 out of 10 highly recommend

Patrick Adams


I actually have Dream Lodge, Kin Nik Nik, Mintz, and Vision tins and working on trying every one. The ones I’ve tried so far are great. I can’t smoke bud because of my CDL and i hate tobacco cigarettes. The times i have smoked tobacco cigarettes just to be social it took days to brush the taste out of my mouth, with Bear Blends it doesn’t linger. Plus i can make tea with it.

Quincy Winston


Love this company did really well the Cbd blend did wonders on me most definitely will buy again



Wow is all I can say it’s such a soothing relaxing smoke kin nik nik will be ordered again



Much appreciation for making this product and bringing this combination of herbs to the public. The ceremonial blends helped me to quit my pack a day habit. Thank you!



Best product I’ve found in years. Product has made smoking enjoyable again



Great product & presentation. I was searching for Mullein because I heard it would help with my asthma. Decided to Purchase 4 products: Mullein & the trifecta with Original, Vizion & Dream lodge. The Mullein has really helped open up my lungs & clear them helping to reduce my coughing a lot. Turns out Mullein is part of the base in the other flavors too, an added bonus. Smoking the Mullein at first can occasionally come in a little harsh until you get used to the woodsiness of it. It is smoother in the blends. All the blends are nice. Original & Vizion are great for daytime use & helping to replace cigs. Dream lodge helps for relaxing before bed & sleeping well. Not really remembered any dreams with it yet but that could be due to being sleep deprived already. Each can contain a generous amount that should last a while. We are enjoying it daily in a pipe, rolled or even as tea. It is nature at its finest. Looking forward to trying all the flavors.



I ordered the Vizion blend and by far my favorite. It has a lovely taste to it when you smoke it, and makes you focus and feel good all around.



Lovely, fluffy tin full of goodness. Just received ours the other day. Working our way through the 8 varieties! Flow…relax…enjoy.



I loved it, its amazing for anxiety!



I have purchased EVERY blend and almost every herb. I thoroughly love the WHOLE experience. I’ve purchased other smokeable herbs and the freshness just WASN’T there like this amazing brand.

Dorothy Lafrance


This and OG are my top 2 herbal blends. They both help with my anxiety which helps me sleep

Shannon Murphy




Dream Lodge has been so amazing for me to have before bed. Definitely gives me more lucid dreams!



I ordered the flower of life and the hemp gift box. This is the best smoking experience I’ve had. Just recently quit cigs and was looking for a legal more beneficial smoke alternative, because i like to smoke but i just didnt want it to be cigs anymore. The herbs taste great when smoked. They are fluffy and the CBD tincture really helps with my body aches and help me wind down for the night. Love the peoducts. Will definitely be shopping again. ❤️❤️❤️

Carmen Zuniga




Got the trifecta of blends with dream lodge, kin nik nik, and vizion and i love them! Came very fast with and the tins are bigger than expected and very full. Tastes good too!



LOVE THIS BUISNESS!!! Everything I got was fresher than I expected!!! Shipping was extremely fast!!! I got some smokeable herbs and chew and you guys were so nice you threw in another sample for me for free!! Thank you so much!!! Will definetly be buying again soon!!!! 🙂

Zachary Webb


I purchased the dream lodge after reading the reviews. My experience was different from others. I had the worst nightmares, as did my husband. We all react differently I suppose. I did add it to some cannabis so not sure if it was a bad combination. Afraid to try it again.

Mary Crabtree


i got dream lodge and kin nike nike, i really liked both as a tea and smoking it, especially before bed



I’ve started with the Amazon loose blend and it’s as fresh and beautiful as it looks in the pictures, smells amazing, and tastes delicious. I’ve used as suggested and am so grateful to be adding bear blends to my prayer and meditation routine. Thank you. <3