I tried these Dream Lodge Rolliez as an alternative to smoking other things and was pleasantly surprised! They are smooth and don’t make me cough. The herbal rolls are a good size, smoke well, and are fragrant. I have issues with anxiety and this specific mix of herbs help me feel relaxed. Thank you, Bear Blend! 🙂



Did the trick and helped relax me, not going back!

Kelsey Hoid


Relaxes me and puts me right to sleep. Will be buying again.

A Mylek


Perfect in the evening to help wind down, or if you’re going to bed. 🙂



This stuff is amazing, makes me feel really relaxed like a Indica but with a mild “high” feeling, GREAT STUFF! Keep up the amazing work BB



We were looking for a CBD pre-roll to take on our Anniversary trip. I came across Bear Blend and ordered the Shaman pack. OMG, we smoked all of them in 2 days. The aroma, fragrance and taste – just amazing! A very light, not heavy smoke, really pleasant. No disgusting aftertaste and mellowed us out!
The old man wanted to try some of the other non-CBD herbal blends too, so I’m waiting impatiently for my Trifecta! Cannot wait to smoke them!

Allison King


As a regular consumer of cannabis products, I was thoroughly surprised how wonderful the Shaman blend is. I describe the affects of cannabis to being ‘lifting’ while the Shaman blend is ‘grounding’. It has a way of bringing me to center and providing clarity in my focus.



Definitely the closest thing you can get to a “weed” high without actually being high. Absolutely love it!



The Dream Lodge blend really helped me relax before bed, and when I fell asleep I was able to get into a deep sleep, which I haven’t been able to do in a while. So happy I tried out this blend!



I absolutely love bear smoke!! Smokes so smooth and makes you feel so much calmer! I have high anxiety and panic attacks and this helps me a lot!



I love this stuff! I mix this up with my favorite herb and it’s a fantastic smoke. It brings me to a super chill, calm place and I love it!



Ordered Vizion and Dream to help me quit smoking and while they are very different from cigarettes they work! I’m not smoking and these are helping with the cravings and the ritual aspect. Highly recommend!

Colleen Quinn


I tried the Dream Lodge as an alternative to using CBD to help me relax enough to get some sleep (CBD is pricey where I live and medical marijuana is very restricted). I have found Dream Lodge to be very helpful. I have been able to get to sleep easier, at times have some vivid dreams, and wake up feeling refreshed.



I got the Moon Lodge blend sample. I’m extremely happy with the results. It performed just the way it was described. Needless to say I’m ordering a few different blends to try along with the Moon Lodge. I’ve turned my brother onto it and he has made an order himself. It’s nice to get a product that’s not overly hyped and be disappointed. Thanks for selling an honest product!

Doug Mcanally


I tried the Vizion Ceremonial blend and liked it so much that I’m ordering the Tree of life. I want to try them all. The smoke was smooth and sagey, most helpful for smoking abatement.



This is my most favorite blend ever! Very similar to indica strains of weed. Will be purchasing more in the future.



Yo! This joint was dope!!!! First of all presentation is everything and that blend is gorgeous. Not only is it super easy to roll and pack, it is super smooth when smoking. I quite smoking months ago and I wanted something for my occasional anxiety. It’s relaxing and it’s a calm that actually lasts. Not like a cigarette buzz, more like a wine type of buzz. Idk if buzz is the actual word. It’s moreso a level of consciousness.

Look you just gotta try it out yourself. I can’t wait to try the others.

Bear Blend y’all are dope, hands down. Best in the business!

Tou Tou


I’ve tried all the blends, but this is my favorite. It has a great taste.
I used this one while I was weaning myself off tobacco. I haven’t smoked anything with nicotine in over seven months. I can’t explain how grateful I am to have found this brand.



The dream lodge blend is fantastic. Light and flavorful. Helps calm the body and mind. Glad to have found this. Has cut my cigarette smoking by half. Thanks so much.

Jeff Harner


I have become a fan of all the Bear Blends. However, Amazon is one of my favorites. It has an amazing taste and is great for enjoying at anytime of day. Smooth and satisfying with a warm sweet flavor.



The moon blend was very nice. A fantastic all around smoke. The finest herb trimm anywhere. Helped me to promote inner calm and to detoxify. Awsome blend! A+

Robert David


I tried this brand of herbal smoke blend with a dear friend for the first time nearly a week ago and found it to be highly satisfying. I felt at ease and grounded simultaneously, without the “high” of marijuana, it was quite nice.



I love the herbs in this blend. They smell fresh and beautiful. I love the taste of the smoke and the calming feeling I get.

Michelle Gentilcore


This product is better than expected. I smoke just a tiny pinch in a tobacco pipe and the flavor is mild and pleasant. I did stop smoking tobacco and just a small amount of this stops any cravings plus I don’t get the harm of tobacco plus it does make me feel somewhat relaxed.
I also love the chew as I quit smokeless tobacco awhile back because of the health hazard and because of the nastiness of having to spit. -With the Moon chew just a very small pinch does the trick – it tastes good – is not harmful- I don’t have to spit – plus it has a somewhat relaxing effect. I will definitely buy again and look forward to also trying the other chew flavors.

Mark Motes


Excellent delivery, supportive team with great product. Very smokeable and enjoyable!

Christian Mattsson


I think this is a great product. To the one nay sayer, I say nay to him. I began seeking alternatives and this is by far a good one. Keep up the good work, and grats to the company. It’s a perfect blend for good people. Thanks bear blend you are awesome!



I was looking for an alternative smoking experience to quit some bad habits. I found Bear Blends online and was intrigued. I tried the Dream Lodge and Kin nik nik first and just fell in love. I had to come back and try more flavors. Love them both as an herbal smoke and as a tea. Fabulous products. I plan to be a regular customer.



Can’t wait to try the ceremony blend, looking for my husband an alternative for smoking nicotine. Opened the can of Dream Lodge and it smells amazing!



I have tried all the blends and love them all. My favorites are a mix of Dream lodge and Mintz, it makes the perfect cup of tea before bed.



I am really impressed with the Moon Lodge & Shaman Rollie … So far I’ve enjoyed both separately and can guarantee I will be buying more Moon because I was extremely relaxed & my mind stopped racing from my anxiety & intrusive thoughts and I could just enjoy the moment.

Amanda C.