After hearing about Bear Blend from friends, I’m so excited to try it!



I’m in love with this product. Any time I experience anxiety or stress, I just relax with some Shaman and feel blessed by the plant spirits. I can tell how much love and care went into my product. Thank you Bear Blend!



One of my personal favorites!

Vaibhav Tyagi


I haven’t gotten my order yet but I am so excited !!!!!!

Chloe McGregor


I wanted to write an updated review of my experience and this product. After talking with someone at Bear Blend, they were able to help me out and choose a blend that would not affect my medication in a negative way. They were even able to remove the herbs that affected me from the blend. They sent me a whole new mix – which in my mind is great customer service! They were also able to send me a sample of another blend they offer and it was out of this world. I can safely without a doubt this company is one of the best I have done business with and would recommend them to anyone. Thank You to everyone at Bear Blend for making my experience wonderful.



Yes indeed. These are some excellent smoking herbs. The Vizion blend left me with a nice elevated feeling and a bit of pep in my step. Later I realized that it also totally helped with my Rheumatoid Arthritic joint pain which had been really kicking my ass that morning. A+ Will order again.

Alexa McFarlane


I got the Kin nik nik first then the Dream lodge. Both are really nice. These are my first blends ever and you feel it. I will be adding the Shaman CBD blend next time. Good flavor from both. The Dream Lodge is good to start meditation.

Desmond Williams


I purchased Dream Lodge. I rolled it myself, and I just wanted something safe to smoke just to get rid of the urge to smoke cigarettes. It smells really good and comes in a nice sized tin. It feels really soft and smokes good but it kinda smells like marijuana once it starts burning. The smell doesn’t linger too long like marijuana and cigarettes. For me, it didn’t make me feel a certain way until about 30 minutes later, and I got a really bad, really strange headache and just wanted to go to sleep. I didn’t have any weird dreams, but Im fine with that because I always dream crazy dreams. Overall I’m satisfied. I don’t feel like I wasted my money. I’m gonna try to buy them all just to try them out. I really just wanted to smoke something that wouldn’t leave a smell on me and wouldn’t have me feeling like crap and this is pretty much what it did, so the headache is the only issue I had with mine.

J Long


I’m actually doing a revision of a previous review of this product as BB customer service is 100 percent about satisfying customers. I had wrote a review about this product which was not bad at all but I expected something a bit different when I opened the can. I was contacted by BB via email stating they were sending me out a tin of the CBD NUGZ. I was totally shocked that a company actually paid attention to what I wrote. Nonetheless I got my tin today. Fast shipping as usual from BB and I must say I am absolutely satisfied with this product! It looks just like what I was expecting and the taste is amazing. Please do yourself a favor (FLAVOR) and pick up this awesome smoke. Taste amazing. Thanks BB for setting such high standards in customer service, customer satisfaction and an AMAZING product. I will be back soon!

Marc Brewster


I was skeptical to say the least, but I enjoy smoking usually cigars and other stuff to relax and conquer anxiety, so I decided to try out Bear Blend. All I can say is I’m VERY impressed, exactly what I was looking for. Bear Blend has a customer for life, I urge anyone to give it it try. I will be ordering on a regular basis. Happy customer here! Two thumbs up!

Will Mckinney


I decided to try Rolliez for two reasons:
1) I wanted a way to relax in the evenings and
2) I have a sweet tooth and enjoy the sensory experience of eating, so I also wanted to cut down on my after-dinner snacking. I love smoking and of course, nicotine is a well-known appetite suppressant, but I had no desire to go back to toxic tobacco cigarettes. Instead, I wanted an herbal smoke that would honor my mind, body, and spirit.
The first order I placed got lost in the mail, but customer service was beyond helpful.
Now that I’ve had a chance to try OG and Kin Nik Nik, I can give a review on the product itself. To start with, I was pleasantly surprised by the side-effects. Keep in mind that I’m a lightweight — I rarely drink and I quit smoking weed and tobacco years ago. That being said, I found OG to be a bit harsh, but the relaxation was noticeable and for me, lasted about an hour or so. So far, I prefer the lighter smoke of Kin Nik Nik, and while I felt like the full effects took slightly longer to take hold (perhaps 10-15 minutes), I felt deeply relaxed and honestly, a bit high. Both of them taste and smell a bit like tobacco to me (though I know there is no tobacco in these products), but to me, that’s a good thing — meaning, it will be more of a sacred, occasional experience rather than a daily smoke.
Thank you, Bear Blend, for your kind and amazing customer service and for creating such an awesome, natural, and relaxing product!! I will definitely be ordering again!



Wow! Bear Blend’s staff are the coolest people. I was having some trouble with the ordering process so I called them and without hesitation they figured out the problem for me and my order was at my door in 2 days! Super helpful staff with a truly unique product that smells and smokes fantastic!



Wow. I’ve been vaping a cannabinoid oil for medicinal reasons but, while it works wonderfully, usually leaves my ability to function somewhat impaired. I’ve had good luck with other products from Bear Blend so when I heard about the liquid line I was anxious to give them a try. I write this during my 1st vaping of this oil and the initial physical effect is very strong and leaves me feeling GOOD. The cerebral effect is one of calm and relaxation with a slight disorientation. While this isn’t making me sleepy I have the impression that if I were to lay down sleep would come easily. Flavor is somewhat earthy with tanning oil undertones. I will need to purchase a few more vape tanks to try some of the other blends. Heed the ‘strong effect’ warning with this one – I do not plan on driving while or after vaping the Dream Lodge.

JR Halkyard


Oh my gosh. I have been addicted to nicotine for as long as I can remember and these were a MAJOR game changer. The calming effect of the OG Rolliez has surprisingly minimized my cravings this past week. Love, love, love! <3



Awesome! Got my order a day early, which was completely unexpected. Just opening the tin was like Christmas! The smell was pleasurable, the consistency was excellent, and the smoke was superb. It burned well, tasted great, and was most effective. I am a proud tribe member for life!

James Banks III


My order was shipped within hours of me placing it, and arrived within three days! The product came sealed and smelled amazing when I opened it. The texture of the blend is very light and airy, and it clumps together nicely so that it is easy to pack into my vape. I used a dry herb vape within the recommended 375 and 400 degree range and it worked great. My stress melted away and my body felt completely relaxed. I use it both to relieve stress and to wind down for bed. I highly recommend!



It’s a good blend, really calming. I wouldn’t suggest smoking it like a blunt, it tastes terrible that way, but in a pipe or brewed as a tea it’s not too bad.



I love the sweet scent of Bear Blend & Mild taste (Shaman Mix) – very calming and lovely



An absolute perfect addition to add to your bowl, blunt, or water pipe. I was looking for a safe additive to smoke along with tobacco to ween myself off and Dream Lodge was a perfect find.



Relaxes me and puts me in a great headspace. I had a headache before smoking one and now it’s gone. I like how there’s no tobacco, and I like reading the messages on the paper after I smoke them. I can only find them in one place in NYC, so I’m definitely getting more from their website. Excited to try other rolliez by Bear Blend as well.



Very good to help people get in touch with Earth grown medicine.

Dylan s stes


After smoking this, about a half hour later my butt was in bed! This stuff does help relax you. I think its due to the lavander in it. I gave one my friends a bit of the Dream Lodge and the Kin nik nik. I’m very excited about this product. I will definitely test out Vizion and OG next. I love the kin nik nik, that blend gives you an amazing boost of energy. Excited to try other products! I recommend!



I first bought Dream Lodge blend and was so impressed! Smooth, lovely aroma. Definitely a good choice for meditation.
Then, I bought the Shaman Rollez and again was totally wowed!
This blend is amazing.
High Bear Paws to Bear Blend herbals !

Carol Skewes


The Dream Lodge blend has been very helpful at falling asleep. I went from laying around for 30min/1h a night to falling asleep in 10min, and it brought me great vivid dreams. If the case wasn’t that I quit smoking weed a few weeks ago I’d be sure this one would be a great help. The Vizion blend helped me quit cigarettes in no time. For sure it’s not the same feeling or taste of smoking cigarettes, but if you want to quit and have the need of smoking something else (way less addicting), this would be a great alternative. The Kin nik nik always puts me in a better mood, a great blend for a chill or meditation session. Personally I like mixing the Vizion and Kin nik nik with a night out.

Rik K


Carole Skewes


I have never not been pleased with Bear Blend and their products. I have found that not only their RYO herb cans are outstanding and relaxing to enjoy in more ways than one, their customer service staff is reliable, on-time, and full of positive energy. I have nothing but incredibly positive opinions of this company and their products, and I highly recommend trying out some or all of the blends they offer!





Dream Lodge helped me sleep and took my mind off of habitual tobacco/weed use. I love the idea of smoking as a ceremony or tradition instead of an addictive habit.

Emma Rockey



Shundreika Brazan