Just received my Kin Nik Nik about 4 days ago. I think I smoked too much the first time as I felt a bit “blah” afterwards, though with some very vivid dreams that night. The second time I smoked 1 pipe full and the effects were just great! It had a wonderful calming, yet uplifting effect. It definitely quiets the mind and allows you to detach from the noise of society. I will most definitely be using this sacred plant technology before my meditations. This is an amazing product! Very pleased!



It was best purchase I have made all day!



I ordered off amazon, the Dream Lodge and Original Rolliez. Original gave me a calm relaxed feeling. One where I become more observant and conscious of my present moment and surroundings. It’s also helped my stream of thoughts I noticed as I was writing afterwards smoking the product. I just now vaporized the Dream Lodge and I like the fluffy consistency. So far I feel calm yet not sedative.



I loved my order! Smoking the rolliez was a very enjoyable experience! About to order some liquid herbs and I can not wait. Very excited!



Amazing herbs. They make you feel calm as f…



Needed a weed substitute and came to the right place.



The Instagram page well ran.



I was looking for a weed replacement and came to the right spot.



I’ve been using Bear Blend products for almost two years. Great addition to ceremonies (shamans love them) or on their own. Each one is quite distinctive and has its own characteristics.



Dream Lodge is stimulating in my opinion. I used the tea three times over the last seven days and slept horribly each time I used it. Please ask for a recommendation before purchasing.



Came right on time and helped take the edge off my girlfriend and I.



Great price for helping you expand your mind and just help with the mind and body. Vizion is great and helps so very well.
Will be buying again. πŸ™‚ Thank you for these awesome herbs.



Great price for helping you expand your mind and just help with the mind and body. ViZion is great and helps so very well.
Will be buying again. :). Thank you for this awesome herbs.



Love this product. It’s very relaxing and all natural. Wonderful alternative to smoking cigarettes.



I didn’t know they’d look like an actual cigarette. I was hoping they would look more like a preroll. But that doesn’t affect my review. I’ll probably buy the loose stuff from now on. This is the first product I’ve tried. It’s supposed to be the one with the strongest effect and I really enjoy it! Even my fiancee who no longer smokes anything enjoyed it. I do smoke marijuana, but I feel these are a good alternative to not being stoned and just relaxed. β™‘ πŸ™‚ They’re a good price, I like the packaging it comes in, I just wish they were a bit more packed. But overall I’d give them a 9/10! Recommend!!!

Dawn β™‘


The Moon blend is really well made and puts me right to sleep.



I’ve been having sleeping issues and this was a real blessing.



I thought this seemed a bit expensive at first, but I didn’t realize how huge these tins are. This tin is massive and completely packed. I really have to compliment the design of the container. Airtight, metal, and attractive looking. The herbs smell very nice. Immediately I noticed hints of Gotu kola and others familiar to me. The blend consistency would indeed burn well, though it’s a bit fluffy for rolling in my opinion. It’s certainly possible. I take Gotu Kola as a tea so I probably won’t burn this one, but the Kin nik nik I certainly will. It’s based on a native American smoking mixture called kinnick kinnick. Bear berry, white sage, and willow bark being a common mix. Bear Blend continues to impress and their customer relations are just wonderful. A+



It’s really nice in a vape! The best thing to relax.

Robert Walz


Holy cow. I was a bit skeptical, but forget nicotine, this stuff is way better! Immediate relaxation effects. Great flavor and even good vape clouds. 12/10, these guys knocked it out the park.



Love it so much… Bear blend is the new wave



Just tried the OG. Literally never been more relaxed.



I used to smoke weed every day and ever since my friend bought me the Vizion blend I no longer find it necessary to keep up the weed habit. Great product! I feel calm and relaxed after smoking also helps with my anxiety! I’m ready to try a new blend!!



This is a great weed replacement!



I have anxiety and was having severe attacks throughout last week, so a couple days ago my bear blend finally came. I tried smoking it, and I could feel it almost straight away. I suddenly felt extremely calm and centered in my body and mind, and later that night i could really feel it in my eyes and it really helped me sleep. The rest of that day, plus the next, I didn’t have a single attack and felt really centered. Amazing product, nothing I have tried has ever worked this good!

David K


Love it! So worth the money.



I have recently quit smoking marijuana and was looking for something to take the edge off and to prevent relapse. My first purchase was Vizion, and the effects are relaxing yet energizing. I still have clarity of thought with no fogginess. Bear blend is a great alternative to marijuana or cigarettes.



Someone who has never smoked a cigarette and hasn’t smoked weed for close to ten years, after receiving my Dream Lodge and smoking it through a pipe was it definitely relaxed my body. No big deal. Now after five days of smoking a pipe late at night I look forward to crashing out and enjoying my dreams as I remember them better now. I’m keen to try some of the other blends.

Peter Dimech


Ah nothing but NICE! and Chillin! Buying more, that is for sure!



Ordered Dream lodge last week and it arrived on time. The herbs work for relaxing the mind and eases the mood as it prepared my body for sleep. I was able to shut down but I had to cut down on the dose. I have vaped Dream Lodge as well as made a tea and with moderation these two methods worked for me. I am a medical Marijuana consumer as this has helped me with PTSD and the night terrors that come with PTSD. I now can cut back on my cannabis and medicate with Dream Lodge to make my meds stretch even further. I will purchase this again.

Shawn Mullins