Kin Nik Nik — a Visionary Smoking Blend of Transcendent Meditation

by Jan 26, 2023Smoke Signals0 comments

Kin Nik Nik — a Visionary Smoking Blend of Transcendent Meditation

by Jan 26, 2023Smoke Signals0 comments

Open your third eye – see inside the Within. 

Transcend the Cerebral Cerebellum of the Mystic Mind, connecting the magical realms that call to us all. 

As Radiohead sings

“Everything in its right place.”

“Sucking on a Lemon.”

“There are two colors in my head.”

Peaceful and cerebral with a hint of lavender, the Kin Nik Nik is intended to open and expand the third eye. It’s a heady and relaxing blend, perfect for easing stress. Contentedly smooth, these herbs deliver a full-bodied smoke that’s an excellent alternative to tobacco.

The blend’s name comes from the Native American term Kinnikinnick, an Algonquin word for many tobacco substitutes. It literally means “that which is mixed,” and refers to both smoking mixtures as well as the smokable herbs within, particularly Bearberry, so named because it berries are a favorite food of bears!

Many tribes, including Blackfoot, Cheyenne, and Chippewas, would dry the leaves and smoke them like tobacco for their healing and pleasurable effects.

Kinnikinnick was traditionally a mixture of bark, leaves and herbs. It was often used in ceremony, for spiritual connection, and for pleasure.

Our Kin Nik Nik is a blend of herbs carefully selected for their anti-anxiety, calming, and mood-balancing effects. This blend is specially designed for ceremony and spiritual intonation, perfect for connecting and relaxing, for going inward and communing with the essence within.

Unlock and open the powers of your Third Eye. This visionary blend will open your mind and remind you of your purpose and place in the intergalactic design of the Here and Now.

The Cerebral Herbs of the Kin Nik Nik Blend

The Kin Nik Nik blend is a magical cabinet of herbs traditionally used in herbal ceremonies to calm the mind and free the soul.

It contains a variety of mood-enhancing herbs, including Damiana, Uva Ursi (Bearberry), Motherwort, and Passion Flower.

Smooth and aromatic, these herbs are deeply relaxing and meditatively stress-reducing.

Kin Nik Nik is layered in herbs traditionally used in Native American ceremonies. It’s designed for ceremony and connecting with your ancestors, for remembering the ancient intonations that have inspired human beings for hundreds of thousands of years.

Kin Nik Nik contains the following herbs:

Red Raspberry





Uva Ursi (Bearberry)



Passion Flower

Uva Ursi, also known as Bearberry, is a plant that grows berries bears consider to be a delicacy. The leaves are evergreen and remain green for one to three years before falling. It’s the main component in many traditional North American Native smoking mixes, particularly amongst Western First Nations. Tolerant of sun and dry soils, Uva Ursi is a common ground cover in urban areas, effective at preventing erosion. This herb is excellent for treating urinary tract infections and promoting kidney and liver health. It’s a natural healer and can be used to heal cuts and scrapes.

Also known as Lion Ear or Lion’s Tail, Motherwort is an herbaceous perennial plant in the mint family. Its pink or purple flowers appear to be fuzzy. Commonly found in woodlands, this herb typically grows around shady fences in urban settings. Motherwort is widely favored as an herbal remedy that’s wonderful for treating anxiety and heart palpitations, calming panic attacks and lowering blood pressure. It’s a meditative herb that’s perfect for reflection.

Passion Flower has been used for thousands of years by Native Americans to relieve anxiety, calm the mind, and balance the mood. Because of its relaxing qualities, this herb is great for sleep. It can also be helpful in calming the symptoms of withdrawal. 

Traditionally used as a potent aphrodisiac by Central American cultures, Damiana produces a heady, sexy smoke. It’s highly relaxing, mood-balancing, and loin-inspiring. This herb is often used to treat such conditions as depression, anxiety, sexual inadequacy, debilitation, bed-wetting, menstrual irregularities, gastric ulcers, and constipation. Its sexual rejuvenation can be attributed to the flavonoids found in the Damiana leaf.

Open Your Third Eye Through Meditation and Ceremony

The Kin Nik Nik is specially designed for ceremony, to be used to connect to the spiritual transcendent traditions that breathe meaning and inspiration into daily living. It’s perfect for communicating and connecting with ancestors, to help us remember the instinct of our natural intuition. 

How you conduct these ceremonies is personal and up to you. But here are a few suggestive inspirations to help you begin.

Roll up a fattie spliff of Kin Nik Nik. Reconnect to the Native American tradition of smoking blended herbs and remember the wisdom of the ancestors. 

You can also brew it into a tea or dabble a tincture on your tongue. Bear Blend herbs can be enjoyed in a variety of remedies. 

Tap into the magic of the herbs. Let them heal you and carry you back to the source of natural inception. 

Partake of the herbs and commune in their natural wisdom. These herbs are nature’s gifts, grown from the Earth and rich in natural intuition. Our ancestors have been communing and sanctifying herbal knowledge since the conception of human tradition. Reconnect to our herbal lineage and manifest the ancestral spirit. 

Slow down – have a moment. Connect with the herbs and enjoy the experience. Let the Kin Nik Nik reawaken your third eye to the knowledge of the ancestors, present and centered in this Mystical experience we get to share. 

Sample the intuition of herbal tradition. We are all one – children of the herbs. Inhale the wisdom of the ancestors and embrace the connection within.

Mathew Gallagher

Mathew Gallagher

Wordsmith Specialist

A freelance writer for hire, Matt Gallagher is the face and voice behind Web Copy Magician. He enjoys Bear Blend as a tea to spiritually reconnect with nature and the therapeutic wonders of chlorophyll.


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