Our Amazon Herbal Smoking Blend: Taste the Magic of Gaia’s Garden

by Oct 13, 2023Smoke Signals2 comments

Our Amazon Herbal Smoking Blend: Taste the Magic of Gaia’s Garden

by Oct 13, 2023Smoke Signals2 comments

We didn’t name our Amazon Bear Blend after the Earth’s largest, most magnificent rainforest just because it was cool. Featuring over half of the planet’s rainforest, the Amazon speaks to the kind of magic this blend aspires to. 

One of our most flavorful blends, our Amazon blend features a burst of blooming, natural flavors – robust, cool, and spiritually rich. Inspired by the lush biodiversity and ancient traditions of Amazonia, this herbal smoking blend delights the senses and invigorates the soul. 

Amazon features a subtle scent of Clove suitably paired with Vanilla Bean, Passion Flower, and Calamus. Not overwhelming like a clove cigarette, this blend delivers just a hint of Clove that tingles and dazzles the tongue. Feel the light and energy calm your lungs in an awakened wash that’s scintillating and deeply tantalizing.  

Original Smoke Blend

This herbal smoking blend pays homage to the rich heritage of the Earth’s largest rainforest that’s home to over ⅓ of all species in the world.  The Amazon rainforest is a treasure trove of natural wonders, an abundant harvest of medicinal plants and herbs that indigenous cultures have cherished for centuries. Smoke these herbs and step into a magical realm of enchantment, mystique, and untamed beauty.

Rich in natural phosphorus that’s a boon to plant growth, over half the dust fertilizing the Amazon amazingly comes from the other side of the planet – the Bodélé depression in Northern Chad in the Sahara desert. Every year, winds from the Sahara replace what’s washed away in the Amazon soil from rains and floods, creating a perfect cycle of natural symbiosis from across the Globe. 

It’s that kind of almost magical natural dichotomy that inspires our Amazon blend. This herbal smoking blend is deeply activating, opening an inspired sense of energy while simultaneously being highly chill and relaxing. It invigorates the senses, unwinds the soul, and soothes the deepest state of your being. Light up and inhale – experience the taste of nature’s magic.

Stay Grounded: Chilling Out with Nature’s Energy

A wonderful toke for a middle of the day ceremony, our Amazon blend awakens the senses and relaxes the soul. Its robust mix of flavors delivers a harmonious and balanced effect that’s perfect for those seeking an energized yet chill and relaxing smoking experience. Whether you’re enjoying a moment of solitude or gathering with friends, this blend will elevate your sensations with an ambiance that’s both inspiring and organically grounded.

Amazon contains the following USDA-certified organic herbs:

  • Red Raspberry
  • Mullein
  • Mugwort
  • Lavender
  • Clove
  • Calendula
  • Passion Flower
  • Lobelia
  • Calamus
  • Vanilla Bean

A highly aromatic spice, Clove is well-regarded for its analgesic properties, meaning it can help alleviate pain. It contains a compound called eugenol, which acts as a natural anesthetic and has been traditionally used for toothaches, headaches, and muscle pain relief. Its anti-inflammatory nature can be particularly useful in soothing sore muscles, joint pain, and other body aches. Clove possesses expectorant properties, making it helpful for respiratory issues such as coughs, colds, and congestion, especially when smoked as an herb. It can help loosen mucus and soothe the respiratory system, promoting easier breathing and enhanced airflow.

A beloved flavoring agent, Vanilla Bean also possesses several surprising and impressive herbal benefits. Its scent can be deeply calming on the body and the mind. It’s often used in aromatherapy to promote relaxation, reduce anxiety, and uplift the mood. Inhaling the aroma of Vanilla can help induce a sense of comfort and well-being, creating a serene environment. Vanilla can also be an inspiring aphrodisiac, invigorating the loins with the dazzle of romantic ambiance. Its mood-enhancing and anti-depressant effects can reduce stress, indulge happiness, and relax the senses with blissful sense of calm. 

Calamus is a perennial herbaceous plant with a long history of traditional use in herbal medicine. This smokable herb is considered a nervine tonic, which means it can support and strengthen the nervous system. It is believed to have a calming effect on the mind and may help alleviate anxiety, stress, and nervous tension. Calamus is known for its stimulating properties, which can help increase mental alertness and improve focus. It is often used as a natural energizer to combat fatigue and promote mental clarity.

An Herbal Smoke Perfect for a Mid-Day Toke

Our Amazon blend delivers an eclectic mix of energy-inspired soothing that’s wonderfully peppy while simultaneously unwinding the spine. That’s why it’s a perfect pick-me-up for the middle of the day.

Step into the serenity of renewal through a transformative journey of the senses. Find a patch of sunlight and absorb its halo into the perphiary of your aura. Begin this ceremony with intention – create a sacred space inviting the deep relaxation of contented presence and the self-fulfillment of peace.

Roll a fattie of the Amazon. Savor its richness of nature steeped in the Gaia tradition of the original Eden. You’re reconnecting with a Universal Garden first formed on this planet over 55 million years ago. A single square kilometer holds over 90,000 tons of living plant life – the largest collection of plants and animal species on the planet. The Amazon inspires both your beginning and your destiny, blended and rolled into the perfect herbal spliff of natural wonder.

You can also brew Amazon into a tea, or dabble a tincture on your tongue if it suits you. 

Allow the herbs to release their natural instinctual magic and bring you back to the garden.

As you inhale the aroma of this herbal smoke, recognize a sense of deep and purposeful calm and tranquility tingling from your heat to your toes, easing away the stresses and tensions of the day. The carefully selected smokable herbs deliver the perfect tonic to awaken and unwind the day, indulging a deep state of relaxation that melts away the day. 

Yet, this ceremony is not just about relaxation – it also opens an invigorating energy that awakens the senses and sparks inspiration within. The calamus infuses your spirit with a deeply vibrant energy, stimulating mental clarity and igniting the spark of creativity that practically lights up your pituitary gland.

Connect to the Amazon and remember your place on this Earth. We’re all part of this natural kingdom – these herbs are our evolutionary inheritance.

Mathew Gallagher

Mathew Gallagher

Wordsmith Specialist

A freelance writer for hire, Matt Gallagher is the face and voice behind Web Copy Magician. He enjoys Bear Blend as a tea to spiritually reconnect with nature and the therapeutic wonders of chlorophyll.


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