The Dream Lodge – an Herbal Ticket to Deep and Blissful Lucid Dreaming

by Nov 15, 2022Smoke Signals0 comments

The Dream Lodge – an Herbal Ticket to Deep and Blissful Lucid Dreaming

by Nov 15, 2022Smoke Signals0 comments

The dream world’s calling to our hidden, inner psyche – it teaches us secrets we need to know.

Dreaming is the washing of the unconscious, where desire, fantasy, and fear rinse our mental essence and release us from the toxins of life. 

We cannot survive without dreams. Through dreaming, we shed old identities like a snake skin’s ecdysis and become reborn through the eternal rebirth of the Cosmos. Dreaming teaches us how to be free.

The Dream Lodge and its uniquely selected herbs are the stuff of dreams. This blend helps you sleep better and dream beautifully. It is meant to heighten your Id, so you live a more fully embodied and lucid presence in the dream world. You enter dreams consciously, welcoming the experience of the Dreamtime.

This fragrant, flavorful, and heady blend enhances sleep and nourishes your waking life. One of our stronger blends, the Dream Lodge is intended for dreaming ceremonies. It’s rich in herbs that calm anxiety and inspire Dreamtime imagination. The Dream Lodge relaxes body and mind to allow the spirit to speak.

The Healing Herbs of the Dream Lodge Blend

Open a tin of the Dream Lodge. You’ll find light, fluffy herbs, sweetly aromatic and fresh, filled to the brim.

Our Dream Lodge contains these organic herbs:

  • Red Raspberry
  • Mullein
  • Mugwort
  • Lavender
  • Damiana
  • Marshmallow
  • Tarragon
  • Wormwood
  • Valerian
  • Passion Flower
  • Lobelia
  • Hops

Many of these herbs are anti-anxiety and instill deep relaxation, perfect for a sleepy transition to the dream world. 

Known as the “dream herb,” Mugwort is an anti-anxiety herb that is commonly used in sleep pillows to improve lucid dreaming. This herb soothes the mind and keeps stress at bay due to its sedative properties that can be highly beneficial to those who suffer from insomnia.

Valarian is a natural herbal sleep remedy used in ancient Rome and Greece to treat insomnia. It’s known to calm anxiety and ease stress. This herb increases the amount of a chemical called gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the brain, which regulates nerve cells and has a calming effect on anxiety.

Used for thousands of years by Native Americans, Passion Flower is traditionally brewed in a tea to treat anxiety. When smoked, it promotes a balanced mood and restful sleep and can ease the symptoms of withdrawal.

Lavender is an essential herb flower used as a sleep aid for centuries. It contains vital chemical components such as linalool, linalyl acetate, and camphor that relieve anxiety and act as a mild sedative to open the mind to the dream world. 

Used to brew beer, Hops also help relieve anxiety and can be used to treat sleeping disorders. This herb naturally increases levels of GABA in the brain to calm the nervous system and induce sound and restful sleep.

Tarragon’s natural sedative effect relaxes the body and mind to promote deep dreaming.

Settling the Mind Through Herbal Dream Ceremonies

The Dream Lodge is designed as a sacrament for Dreamtime ceremonies. Just what are Dreamtime ceremonies? That’s up to you. But here are a few cues to get you started.

A Dreamtime ceremony prepares the body for sleep and the mind and spirit for dreaming. It’s about releasing your anxieties, celebrating the joy, and sanctifying the sacrifice of the day. Take 20 minutes, half-hour, whatever your soul craves, and settle into the sacred ceremony of dreaming.

Roll a fattie of the Dream Lodge. Brew it in a tea. Dabble a tincture on your tongue. Let the herbs release their magic and take you where you need to go.

Harness Dreamtime to the Fullest

Visualize, intentionalize your dreams. Play some relaxing music if it helps. Light some incense, a little sage. Let your dreams begin to take seed in the fresh soil of your imagination.

Taste the Dream Lodge. Spark that doobie and breathe in its essence to the very tips of the nerve centers along your circulation highway. Release its essence as a gift of gratitude to the great Spirit of the Creator.

If tea is more your thing, sip it slowly, as if the flavorful steam itself was sacred breath. If it’s a tincture, dabble a few drips on the end of your tongue and let the flavor surround and soothe you.

Give thanks to the herbs in gratitude for their green gifts from the gardens of the Earth.

Release, grieve, and give. Appreciate the beauty of this life and recognize the hard work it took to get here. You’ve earned this moment. Celebrate the day.

Open yourself to the Dreamworld and welcome the spontaneity of instinctive imagination. Live your dreams; become your highest intentional self. Through the healing sacrament of herbs, consciously believe in lucid dreaming – welcome the experience of the Dreamtime.

Consciously guide your dreams. Sleep in Saturn’s rings; ride the Cosmos on the wings of a comet. Dream the infinite improvisation of intergalactic bliss.

Open up to the herbs and listen to the dream world. Dreams will take you where you need to go. 

Mathew Gallagher

Mathew Gallagher

Wordsmith Specialist

A freelance writer for hire, Matt Gallagher is the face and voice behind Web Copy Magician. He enjoys Bear Blend as a tea to spiritually reconnect with nature and the therapeutic wonders of chlorophyll.


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