Dream Lodge Herbal Ceremonial Blend

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Each tin comes with 22 grams of loose Dream Lodge blend.

Dream Lodge contains herbs such as wormwood and valerian to create calming and dream-enhancing experiences. One of our stronger blends, Dream Lodge relaxes both body and mind to allow the spirit to speak.

Active Herbs:  Valerian, Hops, Wormwood, Tarragon.   See all ingredients.

Please recycle or reuse the tins.

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Red Raspberry, Mullein, Mugwort, Lavender, Damiana, Marshmallow, Tarragon, Wormwood, Valerian, Passion Flower, Lobelia, and Hops.

Introducing the Dream Lodge

Bear Blend is an additive-free, herbal smoke blend. It contains no tobacco.  Our blends are a flavorful and full-bodied smoke.

Smoking is an ancient tradition. Native peoples of the world smoked blends of herbs as a ceremonial sacrament. As you enjoy this gentle and fragrant smoke, take a moment from your busy day and acknowledge your connection to the creator, to this beautiful earth, and to your own breath.

For help tapering off nicotine, begin by mixing the blend and tobacco and add less tobacco as time progresses. Our blends can also be dry vaped, please see our FAQ for more information.

These herbs burn best if you sip them gently; we suggest not smoking them like regular tobacco. The smoke will get more full and satisfying the lower they burn and they do not usually require relighting. We recommend you take the time to let them burn at their own pace. You will find the flavors and smoke get more and more full and satisfying as it burns lower.

Bear Blend is located in a USDA certified organic facility in Southern California.

Herbal. Get Blended™. Celebrate Wisely.


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Weight 3.25 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1.25 in

99 reviews for Dream Lodge Herbal Ceremonial Blend

  1. Nathan Janik (verified owner)

    I was honestly a bit suspicious at seeing only 5 star reviews, but after trying it myself…yeah, I get it. This is the best herbal blend I’ve ever smoked, it has great flavor and smokes well. I usually smoke herbal blends mixed with some weed, but this blend is so great it’s the first blend ive ever tried smoking by itself.

  2. S + C (verified owner)

    We just tried this for the first time. We smoked the Dream Lodge blend and we are absolutely thrilled. We feel incredibly calm, relaxed, and are eager to try more.

    Very impressed so far, you have found new customers in us 🙂 thank you for such a great product and incredible service. Products arrived within 2-3 days!

  3. Christopher Monserrate (verified owner)

    Beary beary Smoooooth flavor!

  4. Sierra Paul (verified owner)

    This blend is amazing! I live in WA so I was able to add some THC to the blend, and my goodness! So smooth, tasty, and effective! Such powerful dreams. I’ve read a couple reviews mentioning “like a warm blanket” and it’s so accurate. This was my first blend I’ve tried, and look forward to trying more.

  5. Emmanuel Cuellar (verified owner)

    An excellent alternative to tobacco and recreational herbs that are not legal in all 50 states. Very enjoyable and does help me rest at night. Will buy more soon.

  6. Luis Garza

    Bought this a little over two weeks ago along with their cbd hemp nugs in the gift box set. Best sleep aid I’ve ever used. Fall asleep within 30 minutes of smoking it and I stay asleep along with some deep lucid dreams. Wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the next day.

  7. Landon Little (verified owner)

    Super relaxing felt like a warm blanket went straight to sleep with a nice mild buzz

  8. Landon Little (verified owner)

    Dream lodge is amazing I read one review that said “like a warm blanket” best way to describe it I felt so cozy and went straight to sleep

  9. Eryn O’Sullivan

    I bought Dream Lodge and Moon through Bear Blend’s Amazon store, and wow. The last 4 years after moving have been insanely stressful, and though recently I’ve started to get my anxiety and stress under control, its been nowhere where I need it. I had been using CBD, which helps, but I wanted to try this.. and holy cow.

    I tend to smoke it in little rolls in the am or after work, or sometimes a quick smoke with a pipe or water pipe…every way has been pleasant and comfortable. The beautiful blueish smoke is smooth and flavorful, you smell like incense afterwards rather than an ash tray like with cigs or flower.

    My favorite is the nearly instant calm it gives me. My mind relaxes and clears, my shoulders drop and loosen, and my anxiety and stress goes away almost completely. And the dreams! I almost NEVER dream. Dream Lodge has been letting my dreams come through and help release more of that stress. I also feel a bit more with nature because she can provide cures even for the most stubborn ailments.

    Def do not recommend king size cones unless you are staying in. This blend can relax you too much to operate machinery.

    Thank you, Bear blend. It’s like a warm blanket.

  10. Jasmine Tate (verified owner)

    Had a strange after taste when I rolled it with some of my tobacco to wean off of cigarettes but when I tried it in a different blend it didn’t.. kind of odd but I like the calm affect it had when I smoked them with my cigarettes and it’s a great way to wean. The herbs were fresh and smelled like lavender. Very fast shipping!

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This stuff actually works I am able to fall asleep and have awesome dreams! I like the taste of lavender but I don’t like the smell of the herbs and how it sicks t my clothing or fingers but it does work. I have yet to try this in as a tea.

  12. Jean

    I love the effect of this blend but it’s definitely not my favorite taste.
    I’m looking forward to trying Vizion, Amazon, and maybe Mintz next!

  13. Joshua David (verified owner)

    Wow! Food for body and your mind.
    This is high Quality herbs. Makes a tasty cup of goodness to put you into sweet dream s
    I love a little Agave with mine. 😊Thank you for developing such a wonderful and beautiful product.

  14. Danielle Taylor

    One of my favorite blends from them. Smells good and super relaxing. Great for nighttime rituals before bed.

  15. A.

    Smells great and was soothing to smoke, but I noticed the next day I would have a pretty gnarly acid tummy. The chat staff was helpful and assured me this wasn’t a normal reaction and gave me a refund no questions asked. Wanted to leave a review because I wasn’t anticipating a negative reaction would look like this and not coughing or something. Not for me but glad I tried

  16. James Pace (verified owner)

    Just had my first smoke of this blend and wow 😲😲😲. Super chill mode all day. Wonderful stuff.

  17. Ruegdog

    I’ve ordered the Dream Lodge, Vision and OG. I’m going to need to stay clean for a while so I need something to help me stay off maryjane. I haven’t received my order yet but I’m very anxious to try it. I’ll post an update after I try them.

  18. Hannah (verified owner)

    I’m new to herbal smoking so this is the first blend I’ve ever tried. I’ve been looking for an alternative to weed for my depression and anxiety. I also need to quit my job and find a new one soon, plus I started feeling like I had an unhealthy dependence on weed to relax me. When I don’t have any I get irritated, moody, etc. and didn’t want to feel that way anymore. Smoked my own rolled joint last night before bed and I don’t even remember falling asleep. I just know that I did not move an inch all night- I slept in the same position the entire time and I am an extremely restless mover at night. This stuff knocked me out and kept me out. It was great, as I usually use weed to quiet my mind before bed. I will also add that the smell from the tin is delicious but the flavor from smoking will take some time to get used to. I’d like to try it during the day to see if it helps me de-stress and have a positive day, as well as try it as a tea. Very surprised and pleased with it!

  19. cedryc jordens

    First time ordering from Beardblend, had tried a couple brands before.

    I ordered the 7 blend package. I smoke them alone or with a tiny amount of organic tobacco. Great customer service follow-up, honestly shocked these are so affordable for this amount of herbs 🙂

    When I checked my first sampling notes, the first line read “feels like being hugged by marshmallow” LOL

    the lavender is just the right amount, I don’t get any buzz from this blend, which means I can target when to smoke it. Some of those buzzes can be surprisingly potent, dropping your blood pressure nicely, and sometimes leaving me feeling both “present” and “gone somewhere” at the same time for a good 10-15min. So having something I can smoke right before work is a great option. The mix looks deceptively quiet but definitely one of my favorites.

  20. A Mylek

    Relaxes me and puts me right to sleep. Will be buying again.

  21. Rohan

    Perfect in the evening to help wind down, or if you’re going to bed. 🙂

  22. Kyle

    This stuff is amazing, makes me feel really relaxed like a Indica but with a mild “high” feeling, GREAT STUFF! Keep up the amazing work BB

  23. Chloe

    The Dream Lodge blend really helped me relax before bed, and when I fell asleep I was able to get into a deep sleep, which I haven’t been able to do in a while. So happy I tried out this blend!

  24. Dustin George (verified owner)

    I find this particular blend to be unpleasant compared to the Vizion blend that I tried with my first order. For me the odor is pleasant enough in the tin (like fermented ganja), but becomes noxious when smoked (like burnt hair) – although I am not sure if the burning smell is the blend or the cbd flower I add to it. It also gives me a slight headache/stomach upset as other reviewers have mentioned – I think in my case it is a response to the Valerian – anyway, it does make me sleepy and feel very lifted, so I can’t say it doesn’t do the job; I just wish my olfactory senses responded better to it and I will probably not buy this one again b/c of the headache factor.

  25. Brent

    I love this stuff! I mix this up with my favorite herb and it’s a fantastic smoke. It brings me to a super chill, calm place and I love it!

  26. Karen

    Ordered a sample of Dream Lodge, and it arrived in 3 days!

    Gmail alerted me of its arrival, yay!

    (I’m a terrible insomniac, thus, I usually use indica strains.)


    I unwrapped the envelope, and curiosity immediately settled in.

    To my complete, and utter delight, I opened the ziplock baggie to sniff the most incredible whiff of fragrant flowers and herbs.

    It was so pretty, and honestly couldn’t stop touching it!🤣

    In my bowl it went.

    I think I might’ve wept, for it was smooth as a baby’s ass.

    Today, I smoked some of the most floofiest, most aromatic marriage of herbs in all my life!


    Drowsiness cuddled me in sweet, unabashed caress.



  27. Josh

    I tried the Dream Lodge as an alternative to using CBD to help me relax enough to get some sleep (CBD is pricey where I live and medical marijuana is very restricted). I have found Dream Lodge to be very helpful. I have been able to get to sleep easier, at times have some vivid dreams, and wake up feeling refreshed.

  28. Tiffany

    I normally smoke hemp flower. But with a drug test coming up I decided to try this. I have severe anxiety issues and needed something extremely calming and sedating. This fits the bill, in fact I think it’s stronger than hemp flower! Will buy again and I think I may try mixing this with hemp flower.

  29. Stacy

    This is my most favorite blend ever! Very similar to indica strains of weed. Will be purchasing more in the future.

  30. Tou Tou

    Yo! This joint was dope!!!! First of all presentation is everything and that blend is gorgeous. Not only is it super easy to roll and pack, it is super smooth when smoking. I quite smoking months ago and I wanted something for my occasional anxiety. It’s relaxing and it’s a calm that actually lasts. Not like a cigarette buzz, more like a wine type of buzz. Idk if buzz is the actual word. It’s moreso a level of consciousness.

    Look you just gotta try it out yourself. I can’t wait to try the others.

    Bear Blend y’all are dope, hands down. Best in the business!

  31. James Daugherty

    I mixed this with a pinch of Shaman and I slept like the dead. I did not wake up with back pain once. And for someone who barely sleeps 4 hours a night, that was a blessing!

  32. Jeff Harner (verified owner)

    The dream lodge blend is fantastic. Light and flavorful. Helps calm the body and mind. Glad to have found this. Has cut my cigarette smoking by half. Thanks so much.

  33. Ty

    I think this is a great product. To the one nay sayer, I say nay to him. I began seeking alternatives and this is by far a good one. Keep up the good work, and grats to the company. It’s a perfect blend for good people. Thanks bear blend you are awesome!

  34. Sarah

    I was looking for an alternative smoking experience to quit some bad habits. I found Bear Blends online and was intrigued. I tried the Dream Lodge and Kin nik nik first and just fell in love. I had to come back and try more flavors. Love them both as an herbal smoke and as a tea. Fabulous products. I plan to be a regular customer.

  35. Heather

    I have tried all the blends and love them all. My favorites are a mix of Dream lodge and Mintz, it makes the perfect cup of tea before bed.

  36. April

    I actually take it back about vaguery. In the introduction that part was vague, however, a detailed description is on all the cans and even a very detailed description of each herb. I also appreciate a customer asking about hair follicle n urine tests. Out EAST we cannot be near any cannabis whatsoever. I know thc is the + for drug tests but Cbd is not. I can’t go there. My career. Cheers to the ones who can. I’m Actually very happy there’s only one I cannot smoke. I would love to try these ! I love vitamins, herbs and natural remedies. Who knew you could actually quit smoking easier with these. I’m excited to try it out!!

  37. Melanie Harrington

    I got the $5 sample bag of the dream lodge. I was extremely impressed with how relaxed it made me feel! I really like this and will definitely be back!

  38. Janell

    I had the Dream lodge – I rolled it, smoked it and loved it. It made me feel really relaxed and I slept really good. It has such a sweet herbal smell and I love it. Highly recommend to anyone considering.

  39. Percival Salvador (verified owner)

    I mainly use this before sleeping, it makes me sleep better and the dreams are crazier and more vivid with it. I only use it as tea before going to sleep.

  40. Blake

    It’s wonderful.

  41. Vaibhav Tyagi

    One of my personal favorites!

  42. J Long

    I purchased Dream Lodge. I rolled it myself, and I just wanted something safe to smoke just to get rid of the urge to smoke cigarettes. It smells really good and comes in a nice sized tin. It feels really soft and smokes good but it kinda smells like marijuana once it starts burning. The smell doesn’t linger too long like marijuana and cigarettes. For me, it didn’t make me feel a certain way until about 30 minutes later, and I got a really bad, really strange headache and just wanted to go to sleep. I didn’t have any weird dreams, but Im fine with that because I always dream crazy dreams. Overall I’m satisfied. I don’t feel like I wasted my money. I’m gonna try to buy them all just to try them out. I really just wanted to smoke something that wouldn’t leave a smell on me and wouldn’t have me feeling like crap and this is pretty much what it did, so the headache is the only issue I had with mine.

  43. Natasha (verified owner)

    My order was shipped within hours of me placing it, and arrived within three days! The product came sealed and smelled amazing when I opened it. The texture of the blend is very light and airy, and it clumps together nicely so that it is easy to pack into my vape. I used a dry herb vape within the recommended 375 and 400 degree range and it worked great. My stress melted away and my body felt completely relaxed. I use it both to relieve stress and to wind down for bed. I highly recommend!

  44. Ben

    An absolute perfect addition to add to your bowl, blunt, or water pipe. I was looking for a safe additive to smoke along with tobacco to ween myself off and Dream Lodge was a perfect find.

  45. Cassandra (verified owner)

    After smoking this, about a half hour later my butt was in bed! This stuff does help relax you. I think it’s due to the lavander in it. I gave one my friends a bit of the Dream Lodge and the Kin nik nik. I’m very excited about this product. I will definitely test out Vizion and OG next. I love the kin nik nik, that blend gives you an amazing boost of energy. Excited to try other products! I recommend!

  46. Carol Skewes (verified owner)

    I first bought Dream Lodge blend and was so impressed! Smooth, lovely aroma. Definitely a good choice for meditation.
    Then, I bought the Shaman Rollez and again was totally wowed!
    This blend is amazing.
    High Bear Paws to Bear Blend herbals !

  47. Emma Rockey

    Dream Lodge helped me sleep and took my mind off of habitual tobacco/weed use. I love the idea of smoking as a ceremony or tradition instead of an addictive habit.

  48. Emma Rockey

    Dream lodge helped me sleep and took my mind off of habitual tobacco/weed use. I love the idea of smoking as a ceremony or tradition instead of an addictive habit.

  49. Josh (verified owner)

    For those who have bought this and found sleeping issues it is the wormwood. Upon research it states that when wormwood comes into contact with the mouth it can cause irritability and even digestive upset, which I’ve been experiencing for a week now. This is false advertising and potentially lethal. I will no longer be buying the Dream Lodge

    • Anthony Bear (verified owner)

      Hi Josh,
      I wanted to clear up some common misconceptions about Artemisia Absinthium, or Wormwood. It has a long history of being used in absinthe, an alcoholic drink which many claim induces psychedelic experiences. The herb is actually used to treat digestive problems and was also known for clearing out parasites in the colon (some say that is why it is called Wormwood). It is a close relative of Mugwort, Artemisia Vulgaris, which is also in the blend. Mugwort has similar effects and is used for similar ailments. Both of these herbs have a very long history of use in health and recreation for humans. In the early 1900s, during prohibition, absinthe was outlawed because of its psychedelic qualities. Now absinthe is legal but must be altered from its original state to remove thujone which is an active chemical in wormwood said to cause the effects. The reason, claimed by WebMD among others, is that thujone can also be toxic to the digestive system. This is a debatable claim, but anything can be toxic in large enough doses. Upon further investigation, I am curious why something that had been drunk and eaten and celebrated for 1000s of years suddenly becomes toxic. While pharmaceuticals are deemed non-toxic but with a thousand side effects. I think it’s another example of history being changed to justify the business. In any case, it is definitely not lethal. At least there is no known death from Wormwood consumption that I know about. And it is possible that your upset stomach was from something that was trying to clear out as a reaction to these herbs which are actually known for digestive health. If I were you I would also look into a Cascara Sagrada to help clear the digestive tract. Feel free to contact us directly if you have any other questions or concerns.

      Some references: https://sites.evergreen.edu/plantchemeco/thujone-psychedelic-potent-cancer-treatment-or-poison/

  50. Alex

    Dream Lodge is stimulating in my opinion. I used the tea three times over the last seven days and slept horribly each time I used it. Please ask for a recommendation before purchasing.

    • Bear Blend

      Hi Alex, thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear that. The herbs can affect everyone differently — the valerian and hops in the Dream Lodge blend typically have a relaxing and sleep enhancing effect, but for some people that may not be the case and could even have the opposite effect. Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help find something more suitable for you.

  51. Gabriel

    I’ve been having sleeping issues and this was a real blessing.

  52. Bailey

    Just ordered, cant wait to try after reading reviews, will update after I recieve it

  53. Peter Dimech (verified owner)

    Someone who has never smoked a cigarette and hasn’t smoked weed for close to ten years, after receiving my Dream Lodge and smoking it through a pipe was it definitely relaxed my body. No big deal. Now after five days of smoking a pipe late at night I look forward to crashing out and enjoying my dreams as I remember them better now. I’m keen to try some of the other blends.

  54. Shawn Mullins

    Ordered Dream lodge last week and it arrived on time. The herbs work for relaxing the mind and eases the mood as it prepared my body for sleep. I was able to shut down but I had to cut down on the dose. I have vaped Dream Lodge as well as made a tea and with moderation these two methods worked for me. I am a medical Marijuana consumer as this has helped me with PTSD and the night terrors that come with PTSD. I now can cut back on my cannabis and medicate with Dream Lodge to make my meds stretch even further. I will purchase this again.

  55. Jonathan Giesen

    Looking for a cannabis replacement for sleep, try dream lodge. I vaporized less than .2g and feel more relaxed than an indica would. Thank you very much Bear Blend.

  56. Jared Epstein

    These blends are amazing. Thank you!

  57. Tina

    Awesome product! I can’t wait to receive mine 🙂 I ordered Dream Lodge & Vizion.

  58. Tina

    Awesome Product can’t wait to receive mines 🙂 I ordered Dream Lodge & Vision.

  59. Sam

    A friend let me try a Dream Lodge rollie and that night I felt so relaxed and I slept so good I just knew I had to get my own. Also my dreams were very lucid. I’m grateful to this company for coming up with such a wonderful blend.

  60. Ryuk

    I ordered the one of the blends from Europe and 2 weeks later I received the package! I use the blend instead of tobacco, it is much smoother and the calming effect is superior.
    Note: In my experience smoking it from a pipe gives better results

  61. Jose Perez (verified owner)

    Received my product a couple of days ago right on time. Smells awesome and very fluffy. Great smooth inhale very good product over all thank you Bear Blend..

  62. Wayne Schaffer

    So I tried the dream lodge, and I was completely satisfied with my purchase. This product smokes great, taste great, and smells great. The product has slight to modest effects of relaxation, vivid dreams, slight buzz, and a general feeling of well being. It is a great substitute for tobbacco, and a quit smoking aid. I have already ordered vizion next, and am anxious to try it!

  63. John

    Ordered dream Lodge and let me tell you, it lives up to it’s name. After half a pipe full I’m ready to sleep like a baby 10/10 will buy again

  64. Migs

    These herbal blends will come in handy, in case of a horrible anxiety, a horrible depression, a horrible mood, a horrible focus, a horrible social life, and a horrible sleep.

  65. nicolas

    Great product, i use this as a great alternative for tobacco if you want to enjoy something once in a while without nicotine

  66. Rasheen Thomas

    Definitely enjoying this product. Wonderful way for me to relax after work. I’ve tried the Rollie’s and vape and both are nice!!!

  67. Erika (verified owner)

    My friend let me take some dream lodge home and I have been sleeping like a baby ever since. I’m going to buy some of my own right now!

  68. daniel (verified owner)

    Sick stuff

  69. Jasmine Salmon

    Purchased Dream Lodge & it’s very relaxing. Dream Lodge does provide you with a night of comfort.

  70. Frank J casper (verified owner)

    Well I purchased the Dream Lodge and it is really relaxing and gives you a full night sleep with comfort. I do have some vivid dreams. And the next morning I feel awesome. And very well reconnected with life. Highly recommended. I will be buying more often. You get a lot for the price. Well worth it. Hats off to Bear blend!

  71. Willie Boone

    First off I would like to say these guys at bear blends are very genuine down to earth people that are serious about providing great customer service. I bought vizion and dream lodge I smoked it using a cigarillo and joint paper. I personally think this product is great for being a tobacco substitute. If you’re wanting a nice strong buzz you’ll be slightly dissappointed. Dream lodge according to the review on YouTube was suppose to be the most potent product they had to offer I smoked 3 cigarillos back to back to back and only have a slight buzz. Everyone is different though it might affect you differently.

  72. Finn Yuong (verified owner)

    My cousin gave me a Rolliez and It was so smooth an it kept me relaxed and mellow for at least 30 mins. It was nice. Definitely going to buy some now

  73. Cordera Bixby

    I decided to give this a product a try as a alternative for prescription medications and I wasn’t disappointed. The relaxing feeling I get isn’t overwhelming and my mood mellowed out within 15min. I will be buying more in the future.

  74. Michelle

    I tired the dream lodge. It was very fluffy and not all dried out like other products ive tired. Ive been trying to quit something else and it helps. Im goin g to try more soon. Did not have much affect on me like people said it does. But it is a good smoke.

  75. Machie Tabaru

    This blend gave me lucid dreams.

  76. being333

    I loved the dream lodge. The herbs in it can help you reach lucid dreaming.

  77. David Banaszek (verified owner)

    Love it ..it’s very relaxing and smokes really well ..plus I’ve had the most incredible Dreams I’ve ever had from taking this before bedtime…
    I will be a monthly buyer (since a whole tin last me about that long)

  78. Tieryn Ruhl

    So to begin, I am a real hard working person going through the grind of western society like a lot of people. I want to say excellent shipment time even a day early!!! Now for the big points what does it do and is it worth it?
    -What it does for me. I work 2 jobs one being working as a assembler 8hrs a day on my feet lifting metal and other stuff etc. This blend relaxes me like a similar effect as MJ (Mary jane) a great body/ stress relief and non psycho active so you can still remain productive through out your day! It helps greatly with soreness and even (for me) gives me a blast to my pineal gland during meditation of serotonin and puts me in the flow.
    -For the dreams. The first time I used this I did not meditate, smoke cannabis, or consume alcohol before use. What a wild lucid ride it was! I dreamt a dream within a dream and was aware I was dreaming in all the levels. I dreamt that I was laying on my couch with sleep paralysis dreaming but looking at myself on the couch within the dream aware I was on the third level and I took this for the parabol(a) that it was. I never had any expectations when I tried this no mental build ups just pure embrace of whatever would come and I would flow with it not making it anything that it was not. All in all this is great for anyone looking for non cannabis or tobacco products or even mix it in with them. This can be for anyone and everyone what these wonderful plants do has no prejudice or judgement and you won’t get popped in a drug test I am more than impressed and recommend it to everyone. I hope this review was helpful and feel free to ask me anything more about it as I would love to help in any way possible. Also I consumed this product by smoking it in a wood pipe.

  79. Amanda Burgess

    Amazing customer service! My apartment has had some issues with USPS so I called Jared and he made sure that my package was delivered to a better address. I ordered dream lodge – it smells and tastes amazing and has very relaxing effects.
    Thank you, Bear Blend! I will definitely be ordering from you guys again soon.

  80. Jake (verified owner)

    Got the chance to try Dream Lodge and Moon recently. I’d recommend it to just about anyone. I usually use them right before meditation.

  81. San Yoon

    Vizion and Dream Lodge are great products! Dream Lodge gets me sleeping like a baby. Customer service is on point! Super friendly and helpful.

  82. Rashad Taylor (verified owner)

    Dream Lodge is Great!

  83. Ashley Pascale

    This review is for Dream Lodge e-liquid in coconut. The taste is very pleasant not overwhelming coconut flavor at all. Love to puff on this one before bed very relaxing. Love trying your products and can’t wait to try more. Thank you!

  84. MK (verified owner)

    A quality product, that ships fast, plus its organic! The Dream Lodge really has a calming effect. My only critique is that the herbs seem to burn un-evenly when rolled up. Overall its a great product for the price.

  85. J (verified owner)

    Great product on the dream lodge will be a regular consumer shipping only too 3 days too!!

  86. Si Thu Hein (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered the three tin set of dream lodge, kin nik nik and mintz. I tried these flavors from a friend of mine, i gotta say its really mind opening.

  87. Si Thu Hein (verified owner)

    I’ve tried this herb blend from a friend of mine. I gotta say, it’s one of the most relaxing experience ever. Will buy more soon.

  88. Tyler

    Customer service is tops, fast shipping. The product is different from anything I’ve ever smoked. I’m a heavy cannabis user, but unfortunately I had to quit. I’ve used the loose blend dream lodge product, and it almost caresses you in calm. Not too overbearing and the smoothest smoke you can buy. Beautiful job team bear blend! Fro. Your personable sales reps, to your wonderful product, can’t recommend it enough. You have a repeat customer in this guy.

  89. Jonathan

    The stuff was sooooo fluffy! It had a real strong lavender taste, which I wasn’t the biggest fan of, but which delighted everybody who partook with me. Would buy again, was very fresh upon arrival.

  90. B

    A friend offered me a dream lodge pre rolled as an alternative to my usual smoke. I must say, it was quite a pleasant experience. I will be purchasing a few tins of my own!

  91. landon

    amazing product smooth smoke

  92. Eric O. (verified owner)

    Got a tin of Dream Lodge over the holidays, AMAZING taste, and smooth burn. Great for cutting down on canna n tobacco. Ordering another tin before I run out!

  93. Bill

    It’s nice try it

  94. Sierra

    Love the feeling “dreams” givers. I like the fact that i can put it in my pipe as well

  95. Schneider hippiebear Nasulme (verified owner)

    Got to try dream lodge, very mellow feeling, earthy taste,burns well,its safe quality herbs wonderful natrual aroma once you open the tin, i think its a wonderful way to combat tobacco try it you’ll love it,namaste

  96. Francis

    This has helped with my stress and is a great and more healthy way for me to use my fancy gandalf pipe!

  97. Jordan SHeffield

    Dreamy as can be. Super good vibes coming from this Blend and looking forward to trying the entire suite of blends. You gotta try this….

  98. santiago gaona (verified owner)

    wow vraiment bon produit , relax on sens un bon effect , sent tres naturel ! je vais racheter d’autres saveur certainement .

  99. Brooklynn White

    Best stuff ever! Dream lodge smells amazing and smokes so lovely I don’t think I could live without it now that I’ve tried it!

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  • Do Not Operate Heavy Machinery
  • May Cause Allergic Reactions
  • Do Not Use During Pregnancy

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